PR Factory Store: Bringing Back Discontinued Pro Fuel Tire

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Pr Factory Store

Bring Back Discontinued Pro Fuel Tire

With sales being low on this for the past few years, M/T has discontinued the Pro Fuel tire. We are planning on resurrecting this part number. It has been a fair amount of work to get there, but M/T has agreed to do this with us. We have to buy 50 to get the deal. For me that is a 3 year supply. To proceed I need to have a commitment in the form of a deposit of $150.00 per tire, with a total minimum of 30 tires spoken for. The tires will be $350.00 for anyone that is involved in helping me get this project moving. (After they arrive, the price will be $375.00 +freight)

The tire order will take 6-8 weeks to get built.

Order now at

So, to recap… This is a deposit on a 3064M that will be $350.00 total (+freight). With a $150.00 deposit, your balance will be $200.00 (+freight) when they arrive. If people want to get together and send a group of tires by truck we will work with you on that.

If there is not 30 tires with a deposit by 02/28/2019 we will need to cancel production.

We will then return all deposits.

Order now at

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