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Product Review: Boost by Smith Gear Indicator

Written by: Guy Caputo

Hello everyone, I was recently sitting in my
hotel room at a Holiday Inn in York, PA with my laptop open and surfing the
internet while watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars. I had my wife
on the cell phone telling her how I thought the judges gave scores higher than
deserved when I clicked on my Google search link for shift lights. I try to
multitask when out on the road and always working in my room, anyways, I was
going thru some websites for motorcycles when I happened upon a very interesting
yet uncomplicated site with some very unusual products. It had everything I
needed to keep me looking thru all the pages, something for everyone in racing
whether you have an aspirated, nitrous or turbo bike. CO2 shifter kits, 2 step
rev limiters, Boost controllers, multi stage boost controllers, Gear indicators
with shift lights, and the list goes on and on. I could tell you all of every
product in there, but I think I will just let you look for yourself and judge
for yourself.

Set your browser to WWW.BoostBySmith.COM
and enjoy. This guy lives in Michigan, is a local racer and young entrepreneur.
Now you all know how I love to highlight new and innovative products and I think
this guy is a winner in this arena. I recently purchased and mounted the Gear
Indicator with Shift lights.

It works great, does everything I could ask for, very bright LED’s, was
professionally manufactured and had a well done instruction video. He even has
videos for installation besides the instruction sheets. Check out this site
and if you don’t agree with me that he has some intriguing products that
perhaps you all could use in one form or fashion, then you’re an old fashioned
fuddy duddy and stick in the mud. There, I said it.

New ideas and product innovation is what keeps
our sport alive and kicking, maybe you have a new product that you think the
racing community could use and we should all hear about. If you do, then contact

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All.


Guy Caputo can be reached at

or www.2fast4u2c.com

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