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Product Review: Carbon Fiber Seats

Got Carbon Fiber?
Written by: Guy Caputo

I used to think that there couldn’t possibly be anything else new I could find for my Hayabusa. Wronnnnng!

I just had to share this little trinket with you that I found at the www.Gotperformance.org website. It is a new carbon fiber pan seat made by Quinten Robles. This thing is way too cool just to look at; you have to experience the feeling of sitting on this thing. It puts you lower than any seat available for the mighty Busa. It feels as if you are sitting on the frame. Hey, what do you know, you are sitting on the frame. It weighs next to nothing and is stronger than I could imagine. I weigh in at almost 200lbs with leathers and I had no worries at all with this seat. I used a cross brace from an old seat and some Velcro and voila’, a new seat. I now sit so low I feel as if I’m on the ground like a funnybike. If it weren’t for this seat, I couldn’t have gotten myself out of the wind flow at Maxton this last event during the Land Speed Trials.

If you Drag race or do the Land Speed Trials, do yourself a favor and pick one of these seats up for Christmas, even if it is a little early.

You will find all sorts of goodies at this website and when my new low profile carbon fiber tank gets here, I’ll show you some really neat new items to get your body even lower on the Big Bad Busa.


Seat pans come in both carbon $99.00,
or in gel coated fiberglass for 79.00

Until Next Time, Safe Racing to All

Guy Caputo can be reached at GuyCaputo@aol.com

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