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Product Review: DynoJet LCD Module

Product Review: DynoJet LCD Module
By: Don Smith

For those of you looking for the most control
and feedback from your motorcycle, you may want to check out the latest techno
gear from Dynojet. The same people that bring you the ubitiqous Dynojet Power
Commander now brings you the new LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that really makes
the interface between you and the PowerCommander a lot easier than before.

The new LCD module connects to your existing
or new PC III-USB and is a weather resistant display screen that is compact
in size which makes mounting it in a visible location a snap. The screen is
also color and touch screen operated. Installation is a snap and it is connected
via a supplied cable that connects to your PC-III. On some older Commanders
you may have to update your firmware in order to support the new device It is
a simple task with the supplied CD. I performed my firmware upgrade in about
3-4 minutes.Once installed the LCD offers several features that make it a must
have for any serious tuner/rider.

Displays all Power Commander data "real-time"

Allows storage & switching between multiple maps
Data logging capable with optional SD memory card
On screen map adjustments
User configurable screens

If you install the LCD in conjunction with the
Dynojet Multi function hub it allows even more functionality and brings several
more input selections that can be displayed or controlled via the same screen.
For my application which is on a new basically stock sportbike, I did not have
a need for the additional inputs. If you have a nitrous or turbo application
then the multi function hub is a nice upgrade to consider.

For my setup, I am displaying the engine RPMs
(actual RPM which is of course slightly different than the bike tach that always
displays slightly exaggerated manufacturers data). Then I also display throttle
position (0-100%), the percent duty cycle of the injector, the map number and
fuel, which is the amount of change the PC-USB is making to the injector at
that moment. Remember, all this data is REAL TIME.

I also opted for the optional SD card to allow
for data logging, having used a Wideband Commander before I was already familiar
with its data logger. Having the ability to store runs or races, and later producing
a graph of the data is a real plus. Data logging is simple on-screen menu choice
and the file can be output to a CSV file which can of course be imported into
Microsoft Excel for analysis or graphing.

With the SD card in place you can also store
multiple maps and easily switch between them using the touch screen. If you
use the multi function hub, you can actually make the change at the flip of
a handle bar mounted switch. For a nitrous bike that is only spraying part of
the time this is a must have option. This setup would allow you to map the bike
in the first few gears on motor only, then richen the fuel as needed for a dry
shot and then simply flip the switch on the go once you start spraying.

The device is also fully adjustable and allows a wide range
of feature and setup options that make it desirable to most any user. For example,
the tach range and redline is user programmable for each bike. The sub screen
display gauges can also be changed out or moved around the screen if desired.
You can even use the on-screen menus to calibrate your TPS or make adjustments
to individual cylinder trim maps if desired.

For only $299.99 this new device
from Dynojet is not only inexpensive but when compared to the functionality
it provides, it is also easy to use and install.

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