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Product review: The “LinkPro”

Product review: The “LinkPro”
From: BilletProof Machining

by Guy

Every now and again I come across something pretty
cool that I just have to share. I came across this new product over on the Schnitz
website while looking for items for the Hayabusa (what else?). It’s
called the LinkPro but I call it the “save me a bunch of time shock tensioner
thingy”. How many of you have ever had your bike fully adjusted for the
track when your significant other says “Hey, let’s go for a ride
tonight”. You dread having to get out all the tools and re-adjusting your
bike just to ride a second passenger? Maybe you’ve been at the track and
wanted to adjust your shock tension and didn’t have that special spanner
wrench? Or maybe you’re like me and want the ability to fine tune your
rear shock with out all the hassles in a matter of seconds. Well search no more
I’ve just the ticket for you. I think this thing is the coolest and it
gives me full control or my shock tension and ride height.

  • Fully adjustable ratio to provide stiffer
    or softer than stock suspension.
  • Fine tune weight transfer to rear wheel to
    accommodate rider weight, swingarm length, riding style, track conditions,
  • Will work with stock shock, no need to buy
    an expensive shock to get the weight transfer you need! Will also work great
    with an aftermarket shock.
  • No more having to send out your shock to get
    it re-sprung when you make changes such as swingarm length, or when you want
    someone heavier or lighter to ride your bike that’s set-up for your weight.
    Just adjust the LinkPro to suit the new weight or set-up environment and you’re
    ready to race!
  • Will significantly cut 60ft. times, especially
    for average riders.
  • Keeps the bike lower and longer through the
    pass for better E.T.’s.
  • For best results, use in conjunction with
    the fully adjustable lowering links to properly set ride height.
  • Comes with bearings already installed. Customer
    uses stock spacers, washers, and bolts. (Spacer included for use with Busa)
  • Will fit all new generation GSXR 600, 750,
    1000 as well as Hayabusa.
  • Made from 7075-T6 billet aluminum

For you Kawasaki lovers, the Link
will be available for the ZX6, ZX10, and ZX12 VERY, VERY SOON!!!

The retail price is $349 and can be bought from
, or directly from BilletProof Machining by calling 330-353-2182 or
you can email at BilletProof@hotmail.com

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