Race Results: Soul Brothers Race Report

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Soul Brothers Race Report
by Tim Hailey

Retired Kansas City wheel plater Darwin “Mr. B.” Barnett continued the tradition, started by the late Big Man Fairchild, of holding a Soul Brothers motorcycle drag race over Labor Day weekend at Noble, Oklahoma’s Thunder Valley Dragway. Water-cooled bikes in the winners circle were as rare as a good, thick steak, as the old school ruled at Soul Brothers. The KC’s Most Wanted stunt team and Capella’s Motorcycle Club-sponsored bike show fleshed out the sportbike-lovers festival, held under warm, sunny skies.

Quick 16
Parsons, Kansas’s Troy Brown is having a good summer riding the fluorescent orange Kawasaki Funnybike he purchased from Todd Martin a while back. Brown won a race at his hometrack MoKan, runner-upped to Keith Lynn at the Prostar race in Indy, won the PMRA race in Witchita, and can now add a Soul Brothers win to his ’04 résumé.

Heating and cooling man Brown started the weekend off strong with a 6.908 lap, good enough for him to sit the rest of qualifying out and still retain #1. Nathan Bobert, Brown’s brother-in-law and a representative of Brown’s sponsor Wynn’s, pointed out that the pass was Troy’s first 6 and the first pass with the new Wynn’s Supreme Plus oil additive.

Brown had the luxury to sit out the rest of qualifying in part due to the struggles of local hero Glen Nickelberry on his Tommy Bolton tuned Kawasaki. Bolton replaced the motor and turbo Saturday night, leaving his Oklahoma City shop at 4am. But the new turbo went bad in round 1 on Sunday, and Kansas City’s Roderick Mansaw took the win on his Soul Brothers sponsored Suzuki Pro Mod, also tuned by Bolton. “I think it’s the oil pump,” said Bolton, figuring out why the screaming yellow Funnybike has been smoking hair dryers lately. “It’s been on there about 7 years, and I think that’s why we’ve been having trouble on the top end.”

Mansaw broke the beam on his semifinal bye, while Brown ran a 6.999 to advance past Tony “Terminator” Parker and into the match-up with Mansaw. Mansaw and Brown were both slow off the line in the final, with Brown a scant .010 quicker. Both bikes struggled, with Mansaw drifting to the wall and breathing the throttle before jumping back into it. Brown wasn’t really sure what slowed him down, but he had enough left in it to hold off Roderick. “I think the wind caught that big body and blew it over,” Brown crewman Danny Smith suggested about the orange bike’s ample expanses of fiberglass.

But Brown wasn’t sure. “The wind didn’t bother it all day, so I don’t know what happened. It’s a helluva way to go home, though, with gremlins.” But also with the trophy and the big check.

Troy Brown .184 7.766 @ 145.84 mph (w)
Roderick Mansaw .194 7.807 @ 164.08 mph

Streetbike Shootout
Baldwin, Kansas farmer Scott Hermreck won Streetbike Shootout at the Soul Brothers race in Kansas City on the 4th of July, and continued the holiday tradition by winning in Oklahoma on Labor Day weekend. Hermreck considers himself a hobbyist on his ’84 GS1150, but in the final he treed and outran career streetbike throttle slinger David “Super Dave” Gebhardt, riding a ’92 GSXR. Both old school Suzukis are nitrous huffers, a diet that’s becoming rare in Shootout classes on the national circuits.

Gebhardt qualified #1 with an 8.346 run in the third round, while Hermreck didn’t even show up ‘til Sunday morning and made his one qualifying pass then. His 8.944 placed him only 6th in the 7 bike field, but Scott ripped off low ET and top speed of the weekend (and his life) in round 1 of eliminations with an 8.174 at 178.14mph. “The first pass I couldn’t even go down the track,” reported Hermreck. “The bike wouldn’t shift and I don’t know why. So the 8.17 was a big surprise.” Meanwhile, Gebhardt ran steady 8.5’s all day Sunday aboard Doc Hollywood’s bike.

“Knowing the GS of Scott’s had more MPH than me, I tried to tree him and 60 foot the bike,” Gebhardt said about the final with Hermreck. “Also, we’ve been having trouble getting into fifth. The lights dropped and I spun through the 60 foot and held the nitrous to try and catch him.” But that didn’t work for Gebhardt and Hermreck made it 2 for 2 at Soul Brothers races in ’04.

Scott thanked engine builder Mike Ruch of Ruch Racing Engines and DNL Suzuki of Topeka.

Scott Hermreck .056 8.282 @ 171.06 mph (w)
Dave Gebhardt .109 8.535 @ 171.03 mph

8.20 Index
Witchita’s Chuck Massey nailed an .015 bulb on Bartlesville’s Mike Lacy, who pushed his ’92 GSXR below the index trying to catch Massey in the 8.20 final. Earlier in the day, Massey treed #1 qualifier Mitch Brown, putting the PMRA race director on the trailer.

Tommy Bolton Jr. was riding the beautiful red Hayabusa Top Gas bike that formally belonged to the late Dustin Beshear, a much loved PMRA and Thunder Valley racer. Beshear’s entire family came out to the race, including grandmother Pauline Hartsell, mother Julie Davenport, his sisters, wife Talitha, and son Chevy.

Running 8.40’s on all-motor in an 8.20 class, Tommy Bolton Sr. decided that it was time for Jr. to go back on the bottle. Tommy Sr. pulled a brand new Nitrous Xpress kit out of the back room of his OK City shop and tossed it to Junior and crewman Chris Greenlee for installation. But before Junior even had a chance to hit the button, the epoxy blew out beneath the ‘Busa’s head during the round 1 burnout, damaging a valve and ending the second generation racer’s Top Gas day.

Chuck Massey .015 8.226 @ 165.80 mph (w)
Mike Lacy .073 8.123 @ 154.24 mph

8.90 Index
Derral Carter of Oklahoma City overcame a lot of electrical problems on his old school Suzuki GS dragbike to make it to the final and take the win. The OK City diesel technician and PMRA racer beat John Collins in the final. #1 qualifier Mark Rendeluk redlit against Collins earlier in the day.

Derral Carter -.056 9.054 @ 143.95 mph
John Collins N/A

9.90 Index
Bristoe, Oklahoma’s Billy Schonfield took an easy Super Gas win on his Kawasaki Ninja dragbike when OK City racer Jeff Shelton redlit in the final. Shelton beat #1 qualifier Kevin Krott in the semi.

Billy Schonfield .167 10.553 @ 93.80 mph (w)
Jeff Shelton -.016 10.075 @ 126.67 mph

ET Bracket
Mike Major of Fort Worth beat fellow Texan Jay Carder in the ET bracket race. Major did it all at the tree, using his ’86 Suzuki GS dragbike to get a jump on Carder and his beautiful black, pink and blue, no-bar ’92 GSXR750.

Mike Major .023 9.740 @ 122.39 mph (w)
Jay Carder .151 11.356 @ 119.96 mph

ET Quads
Ellen Reeves, of Waxahachie, Texas, won ET Quads on her 2001 Polaris. Runner-up Kevin Krott is also listed as hailing from Waxahachie. Coincidence? The result sheet also lists Krott’s quad as an ’82 GS1100, so you decide.

Ellen Reeves .169 11.688 @ 58.12 mph (w)
Kevin Krott 10.204 @ 62.95 mph

Ladies Race
Lisa Bennett took the impromptu ladies race over Staci Rhodes when Rhodes cut a bad light and broke out big time aboard her ZX6. Bennett broke out also (but less) on her full-fairing, 9 second dragbike.

Capella’s Motorcycle Club Bike Show
Bushwacker Daryl Todd won Best in Show on his big tire conversion, hydraulic-activated, turbocharged, orange ‘Busa. Lots of trophies were handed out in this popular contest.

For information about Soul Brothers races in 2005, keep in touch with Mr. B. at darwinbarnett@hotmail.com

Photos from the event can be obtained by e-mailing timhailey@earthlink.net for more information.
Videos will be available soon on the www.eatmyink.com website.

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