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Racings ups and downs: TLN Motorsports report from Loring


Racings ups and downs: TLN Motorsports report from Loring

TLN Motorsports returned to Limestone, Maine on September 4-6 for the Loring Timing Association’s Harvest Event. It was also the team’s start of the 311 for Mr. 311 chase. TLN Motorsports headed to Maine with a total of 251 Land Speed Racing Records set, including 11 World’s Fastest Speeds. The goal for the event was to try and set an additional 24 records with the two motorcycles that they were taking to Maine.


Friday was set up and tech, but the LTA decided to open up the track for licensing runs and shake downs. Test hits were done on both bikes to ensure they were ready for the event. It was a windy day and the forecast had wind in it for Saturday.


While conditions were good Saturday morning, cool conditions and air density of 383 feet, there was a pesky crossing headwind that played havoc with the motorcycles at the event. Speeds were down and the wind was the reason. The first run of the day was made by Greg Neal on the TLN Motorsports ZX-6R and the speed at the mile was 182.3283 mph and 186.7727 mph at the 1.5 mile. Speeds were off on that bike by about 7 mph. The decision was made to pull the fairings on the 600 and run in the naked classes.


It was the right decision as the bike set record after record with a top speed of 173.1655 mph in the 1 mile and 172.6979 mph in the 1.5 mile. The bike was by far the fastest 600 at the event with the next closest running in the mid 160’s.


TLN Motorsports was on a high with the motorcycles running flawlessly and records being set at a very quick pace. The goal of 24 records for the weekend was within reach. Unfortunately, the lows of racing decided to make an appearance and on the last naked run of the day the 600 experienced a mechanical failure that resulted in a wild ride and the bike having to be retired from the event. It was a huge blow and the team had to put the loss of that bike behind them and focus on the 250 for the rest of the weekend.


The TLN Motorsports 250R was performing beautifully. The bike was bracket racing 103-104 mph even with the wind. Pass after pass was made on Saturday and record after record was set. The top speed was 104.7867 mph on the mile and 105.2185 mph on the 1.5 mile. At the end of the day Saturday with just the 250 available for Sunday the decision was again made to pull the fairings and run in the naked classes.


It was again the right call. The wind was light, but swirling and the gusts were up and down the entire day. It was easily manageable, but the speeds would just not be there for the little bike. The little bike had an amazing day, bracket racing 99 mph with no fairings. That bike has saved the race team on more than one occasion and pass after pass she just keeps setting records. The top speed naked was 99.7151 mph on the mile and 99.3123 mph on the 1.5 mile.


While the goal for the event was 24 records the final total records set for the weekend was 46. It was another huge weekend for TLN Motorsports and the total records set was raised to 297. Just 14 away from the 311 total that is the team’s current goal. Highs and lows are always there in racing. TLN Motorsports ran the gambit in Maine. Huge success and the loss of a race bike. The team did what they are known for. The came together and executed a plan, TLN Motorsports has been called the hardest working team in Land speed and they do simply outwork the competition.


Next up is the season closer in Wilmington, Ohio at the end of September. TLN Motorsports will bring the 250R to the event and rider Greg Neal will be breaking with the Kawasaki tradition and riding a couple of different BMW’s in the event.



107 Records set in 2 events at Loring, including 1 World’s Fastest Speed. The 20+ hour trips north for TLN Motorsports were very much worth it. The LTA runs the best events in the country on the finest facility there is to do Land Speed Racing. The chase to 311 records continues and TLN Motorsports will ride down 311 N. Bill Warner Blvd in 2016 setting record 311 to honor a friend and the greatest paved track Land Speed Racer of all time.


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