Redneck Express Report from Dragway 42

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Redneck Express Race 2 2019 Report
Man Cup FBG Nationals Event at Dragway 42
July 12,-14 2019

Redneck Express Report from Dragway 42

by Dick Boxell

The crew for this race consisted of Crew chief Sharon Hand, Steve Legendre, Dick Boxell, John, Chris and Barb Alwine with additional help from Jeff and Mike Scott. Chris received 2 repaired heads like 2 weeks before this race, and had rebuilt Galahad with one of them prior to this race. Chris had three complete powerplants ready for action, Galahad in the bike, and Patton and Merlin in reserve, plus a spare head
Steve Legendre starts race week, after leaving in the middle of the monsoon in his home area, helping Chris and Sharon get everything ready and loaded up. Chris and Sharon with the mobile Redneck Express Compound arrive Friday night and park in the spot that has been scouted out, with Steve right behind them. Saturday morning we set up the pit area quickly and ready the bike which has Galahad in the frame rails with the newly repaired head, and Merlin in the box ready for action.

Saturday Q1, Left Lane
We get the call to the lanes after some on track delays. We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes. negotiating the “Talladega” turn 4 down to the surface. Start the bike, John Alwine and I push Chris through the water box, Chris burnouts to where the reverser (Chris Alwine and Jeff), is waiting on him. They get him pushed back Chris gets the settings correct, Sharon arms the Racepac, lights flash and it leaves decent, great amounts of clutch dust, but immediately washes out and heads for the centerline, Chris gathers it up and clicks it., and idles down the track. We get the bike back do the between round maintenance and ready for the 2nd qualifier of the day. Chris bumps the timing a little.

Saturday Q2, Right Lane
We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes the day is heating up! Start the bike, push through the water box again, Chris burnouts to where the reverser is waiting on him. Chris and Jeff get the Redneck Express back to the line, the Boss gets it to the line, Sharon arms the RacPac, lights flash and the bikes leaves decent but a little sluggish. Chris stays in it and #2 goes FAT and we see a puff of something from the left side. We assume it was oil and prepare to dig out a spare engine, but when they get the bike back the top of the barrel valve had removed itself, leak down is GOOD!!

Chris repairs the barrel valve in preparation for Q3.

Saturday Q3

The bike is ready but we do not take this pass. Upon firing up to be ready for Eliminations we find a small leak from the barrel valve and get it repaired, also supercharger pulley change.

Sunday, Race Day

E1, left lane – After qualifying from Saturday is over we are paired with Dave Vantine, he is #2 we are #5, Dave is #2 This will be a showdown between the top two points earners after Valdosta 1. We ready the bike and tow up to the staging lanes the day is clear and warm. Start the bike, push through the water box again, Chris burnouts to where Chris and Jeff are waiting on him. Dave does likewise and completes his burnout. Chris sets the buttons Sharon arms the Racepac, lights flash both bikes start to move, relatively even, then the bike makes a move to the center a little, Chris catches it and runs it out. We are on the losing end of this round.

Congratulations to Larry McBride and crew for the win. We would like to extend our thanks to Jay Regan and the Man Cup staff for a well ran show and the Dragway 42 track crews for an excellent facility. Next Race Darlington, SC !!

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