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RGR Top Fuel Nitro Harley AHDRA Nitro Nationals Report

RGR Top Fuel Nitro Harley team makes it to semis despite many issues.

RGR went to the AHDRA Northwest Nitro Nationals in Woodburn OR. Aug 25th & 26th. Weather was perfect as were the fans. We love going to Woodburn. The fans are the best. When we return from a run, the fans clap and cheer whether you win or lose. They know how much work it is to get these bikes down the track. We appreciate all the fans, they sure know how to party and have a good time even after the racing is done.

First round of qualifying we ran 6.636 seconds at 210 mph. Second round of qualifying was aborted after the burnout when the bike didn’t sound right. When we went back to the pits we discovered that we had bent a valve. So we went to work and fixed the valve but we missed the third round of qualifying. We also had communication issues between the computer and the bikes computers. Actually we had no communication with the bike all weekend. So we were tuning the bike by the seat of our pants. Fourth and final qualifying pass we ran 6.58 seconds to qualify fourth.


Ron Gledhill

We made some small changes and had to change a chunked tire for race day. First round we ran another 6.58 to take the win over Mike Scott. Second round we lost lane choice to number qualifier Devine Pelrine. I know we needed to run better and get a better light to beat Devine. We cut .057 light giving us a .070 starting line advantage. We spun the tire just enough to hurt our 60’ times and Devine made up our starting line advantage by the 60’ mark. We only ended up running a 6.62 second pass which wasn’t good enough to beat Devine. We lost in the semi finals which isn’t bad considering we were not able to read the computer to see what the bike wanted. After returning to the shop in Salt Lake City, we fixed the problem and we know that we could have ran a lot better numbers in Woodburn.

We had a special guest from our sportsman motorcycle days come visit. Mike Scott from WA stopped by to say Hi. So we put him to work. With his help we were able to make the 4th round of qualifying. Thanks you.


Ron Gledhill

The Lucas Oil products we are using are protecting the motor extremely well. Every time we open it up for maintenance everything looks great. If you want to protect your investment, I would suggest you use Lucas Oil Products.

The entire team is doing a great job and getting better and better every race. We will be going to the NHRA Division7 / NBRA finals in Las Vegas Nov. 1-4th. We hope to see lots of racing fans and racers there for another great show.

Thanks to all the crew members – without you, we don’t go fast.

  • Mike Sullivan
  • Jim Moen
  • Becky Gledhill
  • Rob Saunders
  • Mike Scott (WA)

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