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Richard Gadson Giving Back with a NEW Set of Custom Leathers

Richard Gadson Racing

Richard Gadson Giving Back with a NEW Set of Custom Leathers!

In 2015 Richard won the NHDRO Pro Comp Championship onboard his Fasttime Motorsports Suzuki, which earned him a free set of Route 21 leathers for 2016!

Richard Gadson has been racing for over 15 years now and remembers what it was like to start out racing. “I watch a lot of these up and coming riders race at some of these tracks with jeans and sneakers, sometimes even without gloves. It bothers me really. I’ve even witnessed riders come to a national event and can’t pass tech for not having the right gear. I was fortunate to be Rickey Gadson’s nephew, so I had suits when I started racing. But I remember what it was like to have to buy my first suit and couldn’t afford it. I won this new set, and honestly I don’t need another suit. So I feel like this is a great opportunity to pay it forward and help out a racer who has NEVER had a custom suit. I spoke to my team, as well as Brian Welch of NHDRO, and they all thought it was a great idea!” said Richard.

Photo courtesy of EatMyInk.com

How do you win this FREE suit? It’s going to be easier than swapping a motor! To become a candidate for the leathers, you must post the following on the RGR Facebook page . 

  1. Short Essay on why you need these leathers and why you think you deserve to win them. 
  2. Post a picture or video of yourself with the essay.
  3. Use these hashtags with your post: #RGR #Fasttimemotorsports #NHDRO
  4. Your post will also need to be posted separately on the NHDRO Facebook page.
  5. Post the essay to your Facebook page and tell your friends to like the RGR Facebook page.


At the end of this contest, Richard and his trusted panel of judges will determine who did the best job writing an essay that makes them feel you deserve FREE leathers and did the bests job promoting the RGR Facebook page.

So don’t delay, getting writing and let’s see who really wants their first custom suit!!


-Richard Gadson


Rules/Small Print

– Contest ends March 31st!
– Your custom suit will come with the NHDRO and the RGR logo already sewn in, as well as the winner’s first and last name. NHDRO will send the winner a Route 21 measurement form to be filled out and sent back in. Any other logos or graphics added will be at the winner’s cost.

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