Rikard Gustafsson – Top Fuel Bike

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UEM European Drag Racing Championship

Rikard Gustafsson

Rikard Gustafsson –
Top Fuel Bike

Last season Swede Rikard Gustafsson won the UEM Funny Bike Cup. At Tierp Arena modest Gustafsson ran the world´s quickest backed up funny bike run and it is only the beginning of the season!

We asked Rikard to give us his view on what what lead to this..

– After the rule change in Top Fuel Bike for this season letting non nitro bikes running faster than 7 second take part in the class made us do some radical changes on the bike this winter to improve our performance.

Our biggest change is our new MTC clutch. New turbo and some electronic to retard the ignition is also added to the bike.

We have been chasing Gary Clarks Funnybike world record since 2008 of 6,45, this record was broke by Keith Lynn in 2009 running 6,436 at Indy, Gary Clarks record was standing for nearly 10 years.

We started this season with some testing with the clutch at the track in Malmö and ran 4,17 our first run on this 1/8 mile track
and with a 60’ of 1,05.

Two weeks later it was time to test at a full length track and get a base line for fuel and clutch set-up and Tierp was the perfect choice.

The weather conditions were not perfect, strong head wind and cold track. First run out on Saturday the bike left okey and we went 6,433s@207mph. Everything looking good on the bike and we decided to make our second test run on Sunday. We did not change much on our set-up just changing the boost from soft to normal and the bike went 6,425s@213mph.

Gustafsson also commented he look forward running in UEM Top Fuel Bike class this season and to get the chance to compete with Ian King and the others he will take on as a challenge. Rikard will also be seen at some events in Funny Bike which is included as a class in the EDRS European Drag Racing Series (after UEM dropped the class and Speedgroup agreed to take it on). Gustafsson is on the entry list for Main Event, so readers will be able to follow his performance via Eurodragster.com during the event and in the next Speedgroup newsletter..


Rikard and Philip Gustafsson
Rikard with son and mechanic Philip Gustafsson, 17 years of age who is the one who care for the clutch (and more). Son Oscar, aged 20, who also is part of the crew could not attend at the EDRS Nationals. Missing when we took this photo was Tony Zetterström, Lasse Major och Stefan Viklund. They are also part of the success and we are sure we will have reason to report about Rikard & crew over the race season 2012!


Gustafsson at the Kunmadaras track in Hungary 2011


Lena Perés captured the score boards at Tierp Arena after Rikards record run


For more information visit: www.speedgroup.eu

Text: Rikard Gustafsson edited by Åsa Kinnemar
Photos by Speedgroup, Ivan Sansom and Lena Perés

This article is part of the Speedgroup Club Europe Newsletter #4/2012

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