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Rob Hunnicutt is still in the pinch-me stage of his trip to Qatar

Imagine, then, what he will be feeling if that first win comes in the Arabian Drag Racing League.

To say Hunnicutt has enjoyed his time in Qatar and at Qatar Race Club would be a massive understatement as he comes off a runner-up finish to Terry Schweigert in Round One of Pro Extreme Motorcycle.

His entertaining Facebook page has been filled with pictures of his already memorable journey overseas, as he has been eager to chronicle a trip that has already been fulfilling just more than a week into it.
With seven more races remaining and plenty left to accomplish – both at the track and away from it – Hunnicutt has already given the trip high praise.

“I want to say thank you first to my wife and kids for allowing me to be away and I also want to say thank you to KH Al-Thani for allowing me to cover over and see his beautiful country,” Hunnicutt said. “This is one of the best experiences of my life.”

The lavish and first-class treatment has been remarkable and Hunnicutt has clearly loved every moment of it.
He’s been just as impressed at the reception he and his fellow North American competitors have received.
“The people in Qatar are great and the racers are as nice as can be,” Hunnicutt said.

There might be plenty of goodwill, camaraderie and respect among the drivers, but Hunnicutt is as determined as any to put together another good showing.

Only Schweigert got the best of him at Round One at Qatar Race Club, as Schweigert’s sizzling track record of 4.14 in the finals carried him to the victory.

Hunnicutt was a step behind Schweigert, but was otherwise strong in the eight-bike field.
He ran a 4.23 to get wins in both the first and second rounds, but he didn’t want to push things too much in the finals with seven races remaining.
“Terry had been running a 4.18, so I figured I would leave it alone since we were down to our last motor,” Hunnicutt said. “We broke a crank the first day here so I was cautious with the tune-up.

“I didn’t want to have two motors to fix before the next race and possibly not make it. I figured I could get him at the tree, but they made a great call to beat me.”
But Hunnicutt sees some future matchups with Schweigert in the very near future.

The December part of the Arabian Series features racing each of the next two weeks before a break until early January.
Hunnicutt wouldn’t mind a little momentum – and perhaps a win – before he returns stateside.
He displayed some potential, running a 4.23 during every elimination round, going as fast as 164 miles per hour as he qualified in the No. 3 position.

To get to this point, Hunnicutt credited his sponsors
(Diamond Pistons, Innovative Performance Chassis, Schnitz Racing, World Wide Bearings, Denso Iridium) as well as a team that has been working hard amidst all the sightseeing in Qatar.

Hunnicutt hopes the reward comes on Friday.
“Terry won the first battle, but I’m sure there will be a few more and hopefully I will have the green win light in my lane,” Hunnicutt said.

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