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Roberts Racing Team Report

 Brockman Roberts


Roberts Racing went this weekend to go pick up some seat time and try to add to the bike count and maybe add another round. Our friend, Aaron Pine of Bronze Star Racing Group, is currently second in points at that track and we now only have 1 race left in the series. My mission for the day was rather successful, we got some seat time and I was paired against the current points leader first round. Both of our bikes lacked in performance but I was able to edge him out on the tree for the win. The following round, I cut a .003 light and plugged second; when I looked up, my win light was on. My competition had gone red. During my racing, Aaron was also going rounds and we eventually met in the final. Since I wasnt there for the points, I left lane choice up to him. I was, by no means, going to lay down for him, but I knew that the race win would put him in the points lead by a round. We were both very good and very close off the line, advantage to Aaron. I ran down and about 100 feet before the stripe looked and he was right there. I had been running very consistent and we dial honest so I knew we were both on good passes. I was not first to cross the finish line, but my win light came on. Come to find out, Aaron broke out by .001 and I was good on my number by .002. It was an incredibly close race and a blast to run! (Racing Aaron is always a very special experience for me, he taught me how to race a bike and we are more family than friends)


 Brockman Roberts


That about sums up the day, we happened to get video of the pass and posted it on YouTube. I will include the link below as well as attach some pictures and links to my sponsors. I have some great people that support us and without their support, I would be back in the stands watching and dreaming again. I must mention the amazing people from Patriot Suspension, G2Graphics, SKS Petroleum Distributors and Lucky 7 Motorsports. The bike that I am currently riding is owned by Victory Builders (I also own a Harley Davidson Destroyer as well) and a very special thanks to my High School Instructor that started it all for me, Tim Ponzoha. My team is made up of my Wife, Amanda Roberts, and my Dad, Ken Roberts, as well as long time friends, Scotty Crumrine and Jeff Maddox.

Brockman Roberts




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