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RSR : 2017 Motorcycle Drag Racing School

Ryan Schnitz Racing Drag Racing School

Our goal with this class is to create knowledgeable, skilled and focused racers who fully understand all aspects of the sport and to give them the necessary tools and guidance needed to achieve a successful and safe racing career.

The RSR Drag School is centered on the racer. We begin with the fundamentals and the basics of the sport and move on to physical skills, mental focus and strategies proven successful. We touch on bike prep and creating a routine to ensure track readiness. Open discussions with students to answer each and every question will help to further the confidence needed to become skilled and reduce frustrations when under the pressure and excitement of motorcycle drag racing.

Our complete 2 Day Drag School features a full day of classroom time at Schnitz Racing in Decatur, Indiana to cover every aspect of motorcycle drag racing including:

  • Track – How the timing system works
  • Reaction Time – How to improve and be consistent
  • How we learn – Non of us are born knowing how to race
  • Visualization – How to win before leaving the house
  • Weather – This is an outdoor sport
  • Bike Prep – Can’t win if it won’t start
The second day will be spent at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana or Muncie Dragway in Albany, Indiana putting this information to the test to work through those stubborn bad habits and help improve new ones.
We’ve scheduled our Drag Racing School with the 2017 NHDRO Schedule so you can stay and continue to race during the weekend.  What a great way to show off those new skills!
Allow Ryan Schnitz’s years of experience and success guide you to a more professional racing career.

What is the RSR Drag School?
This 2 day course is designed to give our students the tools and information necessary to become faster, safer and more consistent.

Day 1 is spent in the classroom at Schnitz Racing discussing everything from how the timing system works, improving reaction time, track awareness, visualization and proper bike setup.

Day 2 is spent at the track, putting these new skills to work while getting guidance from the RSR Staff and reviewing every recorded pass.

Is this RSR Drag School only for beginners?
Absolutely Not. While this course to great for those who have little or no experience, it is equally beneficial to those who have been racing for years. Changing old habits can be very difficult without support. Let us help you perfect them.

Do you provide a motorcycle, or do we bring our own?
We are not selling you a “racing experience”. We want to retrain your bad habits and allow you to gain new skills on YOUR motorcycle. We feel that providing a school bike would not allow you to gain the confidence you need when you travel back to your local track.

Check out our videos, see our schedule and learn more about this opportunity.


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