Schnitz Racing: Automatic Air Compressor Switch

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Automatic Air Compressor Switch

This 12 volt pressure switch turns your onboard air compressor on and off automatically!

Now you can ride all day button shifting every single shift if you want and never look at your gauge or turn your compressor on and off for a refill.

Our pressure switch keeps your tank between 110 and 140 psi automatically!

  • Simple installation
  • Compact size
  • Two wire hook up (included)
  • Screws directly into any 1/8″ npt port.
  • Installation – Screw the WMS pressure switch into one of the 1/8npt ports in your air tank.

Connect one wire to a switched 12 volts. Connect the other to the positive wire on the compressor. You may still use your compressor toggle if you like. This will keep the compressor from turning on every time the tank is below 110 psi. For instance, you may not want the compressor to turn on automatically every time you turn your key on. For this installation, take the wire from your toggle that goes to the compressor and connect it to one of the wires on the WMS pressure switch. Now connect the other wire from the WMS pressure switch to the compressor. Once you turn the toggle on, the WMS pressure switch will keep your tank full automatically.


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