Schnitz Racing: Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Controllers

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Schnitz Racing

Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Controllers

Unleash horsepower, torque and throttle response by controlling air/fuel mixture from injectors, especially after making any fuel-related modifications, including exhaust.

Developed in top level, professional racing, the Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit takes operational command of all fuel injectors, not just half like our competitors. This is a significant advantage in realizing the perfect tune, resulting in significantly better throttle response and overall engine performance.

Z-Fi is a plug and play unit that piggy-backs onto the stock ECU. Each unit comes with a specific harness for each bike that utilizes OEM connectors for simple installation.

Stores two modifiable fuel maps, one pre-programmed for specific bike with a slip-on exhaust. The two maps are switchable ‘on the fly’ with the Map Selection Switch (sold separately).

Featuring a USB interface with industry-recognized, easy to use software, the Z-Fi can be tuned at the bike or at a PC (powered by USB alone).



• Always uses all available injectors, not just lower
• More accurate; reads each signal source directly rather than inferring data from a single source
• Software is easy to use and highly tunable by RPM, throttle position, gear, or cylinder (when applicable)

Bazzaz Z-Fi Systems us all available fuel injectors for maximum control and fuel flow.
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