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Schnitz Racing


Carpenter Valve Springs have been the choice of the top engine builders for the last 15 years. Constantly updated with new materials and design, they stay ahead of all the competitors.

Carpenter Racing Valve Springs are the most popular valve spring for the Suzuki Hayabusa and will work with cams up to .445″ lift with stock or aftermarket retainers. The 60psi springs are recommended for nearly all application including all motor and nitrous. The 70psi springs are recommended for turbo applications only.

  • Suzuki Hayabusa 60# valve springs, for cams up to .445” lift, w/stock or aftermarket retainers / CARP1003 $139.95
  • Suzuki Hayabusa 70# valve springs, recommended for turbo applications only / CARP1006 $149.95
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 2001-2008 50# w/no spring base, 60# w/spring base and stock retainer / CARP1008 $159.95
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 2009-2018 60# valve springs, can handle the largest cams available / CARP1014 $159.95
  • Kawasaki ZX-14 2004-2018 62# valve springs, work with stock retainers / CARP1014 $159.95
  • Kawasaki ZX-12 65# valve springs, work with stock retainers, can handle the largest cams available / CARP1009 $149.95
  • Kawasaki ZX-10 2004-2015 60# work with stock retainers / CARP1014-ZX-10 $159.95


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