Schnitz Racing : Direct Shift Air Cylinder Assembly

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Schnitz Racing

Direct Shift Air Cylinder Assembly

Schnitz Racing is excited to announce the immediate availability of the much anticipated Direct Shift Air Cylinder Assembly.

The Direct Shift Assembly is precisely machined from billet aluminum to exact tolerances and hard anodized to increase durability.  Direct Shift Assemblies utilize a new bullet valve shift solenoid that move twice as much air as standard solenoids.  Having the valve built into the cylinder reduces the space required on the vehicle to operate an air shift system and allows the shift to happen with less delay.

Direct Shift Air Cylinder Assembly

Stronger – 100% Billet Aluminum with support brackets and stainless steel bolts.

Faster – Bullet Valves move twice as much air as standard solenoids and having the solenoid directly mounted onto the cylinder reduces delay and allows less kill time to be used.

Consistent – The Direct Shift Assembly is the same length and stroke as conventional cylinders to ensure all current air shifter brackets kits will work as designed.

Modular – You can easily unbolt and move the solenoid to change the direction of the shift.  The top mount of the cylinder is also adjustable so that is can be used with any variety of bracket kits.

Rebuildable – Replacement pieces are available.  O-rings, bolts, valves, clevis kits, pistons, pins, top mounts etc.

Hard Anodized – We hard anodized the Direct Shift Assembly to increase durability and reduce wear.


In a world where races are routinely won and lost by thousandths of a second, this system will allow you to Stay in FRONT!

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