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Schnitz Racing: Helicoil 10mm Spark Plug Repair Kit

Helicoil 10mm Spark Plug Repair Kit

Oh NO!!! All you wanted to do was change your oil and put a fresh set of spark plugs in. As you start to loosen up the last plug, you feel it coming out tough.  You take a look and sure enough… aluminum on the threads.  Now what?  Heli-Coil to the rescue!


  • Size & Reach: 10-1.0mm x 1/2″
  • Contains: 1030-10 Tap, 4971-10 Install Tool & R474-4 (24) Inserts
  • Note: Do Not Use Heli-Coil Inserts Wire To Repair Taper Seat Spark Plug Ports
  • Thread Size: 10mm

Helicoil 10mm Spark Plug Repair Kit

Heli-Coil is the original spark plug port quality and most durable repair available. They are the first choice of professional mechanics and engine rebuilders. Each kit contains a piloted reamer tap (no drilling necessary), an installation tool, and a number of inserts.  Heli-Coil Spark Plug Inserts are the preferred method of repair specified by virtually all U.S. and foreign vehicle manufacturers.

HeliCoil’s application specific thread repair kits make complex repairs manageable and are often the recommended solution by both domestic and foreign automakers.

Headquartered in Shelton, Conn., Stanley Engineered Fastening is the global leader in the design and creation of unique assembly technologies, from concept through installation.

The Heli-Coil brand inserts are the original, the most effective and most widely recognized methods of thread in he Automotive Aftermarket. Heli-Coil inserts quickly and permanently restore stripped, worn or damaged threads to their original size and condition. Damaged threads can be restored to better than new condition in spark plug ports, carburetor fuel inlets, transmission housings, oil drain plugs, exhaust and intake manifolds, head bolt holes, brake calipers and more!


If Schnitz Racing doesn’t have it, they don’t make it.

Schnitz Racing
222 N 3rd Street • Decatur, IN 46733
Phone: (260) 728-9457

Schnitz Racing

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