Schnitz Racing: NLR NMS-1000 Progressive Nitrous Controller

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NLR NMS-1000 Progressive Nitrous Controller


  • Billet Aluminum enclosure
  • Fully Programmable Nitrous/Fuel Curves
  • Analog Input from Wideband O2 Sensor for Logging and Safety Shut-off if too Lean
  • Data Logging of Nitrous/Fuel Solenoid and O2 Input for Tuning
  • Hold and Wait Feature with Adjustable Resume Ramp
  • Ground Activation with T-Brake/Clutch Input
  • Analog Output for use with Aftermarket Ignitions and Fuel Systems to Retard Timing , Add Fuel Based on Nitrous Percentages. User Designed Graph. Can also be used to datalog the nitrous activity!
  • Built in Timer for Second Stage Activation, Retard Activation, or Fuel Enrichment
  • Compact Size: 5 1/8″ X 3 3/8″ X 1 3/16″
  • Ability to save 3 set ups


Current Setup

There are 3 Data Setups available. All user settings will be saved when selecting a New Data Setup from the list. This way multiple User Setups can be stored and recalled at a later time. Example – you have a Setup that is working well, you decide that you would like to try a few different settings. You could then Select and Copy all current Setup Data to a New Setup and make changes without loosing the original setup.

Pulse Frequency

This setting determines the number of times per second that the solenoids pulse. A lower setting generally will provide a more linear power delivery. A lower setting allows lower starting percentages to be used also. The correct setup will be different depending on the type of solenoids and bottle pressure used. Testing is the only way to determine the best frequency for each application.

Hold and Wait

This setting allows the Progressive system to Hold & Wait when the Activation signal is removed. Example – the throttle is lifted due to wheel spin or ? This allows the Progressive system to resume at the point where the throttle was lifted.

Main Timer

Main Timeout – This setting controls the Main Timeout period in seconds. This controls the total time elapsed before a System Timeout occurs. This limits the total amount of time the solenoids can be On if the Activation signal is never removed. This setting also allows the system to be used with Hold & Wait option and the Progressive Timers will reset after the Timeout Period has elapsed and the Activation signal is removed.
This enables a Reset without powering the unit down.

Fuel Trim Option

WARNING – This setting controls the Fuel Trim. This setting allows the Fuel Percentage to be set Less than the Nitrous. Use this setting with great caution! This setting controls the total Percentage the Fuel may be set less than the Nitrous. Example—a setting of 25 would allow the Fuel percent to be 25% less than the Nitrous. Valid Range is 0% to 100% in 1% Increments.

Nitrous Delay

This setting determines the amount of Delay before the Nitrous is applied after Activation. A Fuel Advance is also available so the Fuel may be started before the Nitrous if desired. Valid Range is 0.000 to 9.990 seconds.


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