Schnitz Racing: Replacement Fuel Pumps

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Schnitz Racing

Replacement Fuel Pumps

Quantum replacement fuel pump kits include the pump, strainer, O-rings and new wiring leads. OEM or better performance with a lifetime warranty.

Quantum’s  Kit includes a new direct fit fuel pump, polyethylene strainer (safe with modern ethanol-infused pump gasoline), new Viton o-rings, and new wiring leads (which often get damaged when the housing is separated to replace the pump).  All Quantum fuel pumps are backed by a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty.  Be cautious of low-quality offshore kits that use paper strainers, low-quality pumps, and include none of the mandatory add-ons to service the fuel pump module properly.


  • EFI fuel pump w/ check valve
  • Polyethylene (not paper) strainer
  • Viton canister o-rings
  • Replacement wiring leads

Features & Benefits:

  • Pressure: +/- 43psi OE spec
  • OEM or better performance
  • Polished corrosion-resistant case to help minimize seizing during non-operation
  • Specifically designed for quiet operation
  • Drop-in replacement
  • Gradient density fuel strainer for superior contaminant filtration
  • Patented check valve technology
  • Compatible with modern ethanol-infused pump gasoline


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