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Schnitz Racing: Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

Rizoma consistently delivers top-tier products, catering to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide with their impeccable quality and stunning design. Their latest breakthrough, the Stealth Mirrors, sets a new standard for the fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

Far beyond mere rearview aids, Rizoma’s Stealth Mirrors are meticulously crafted from aluminum. Their ingenious design enables them to fold seamlessly, forming an aerodynamic blade that generates over 8 pounds of downforce at speeds of up to 186 mph.


  • BMW S1000RR / 2015-2018/2020-2024
  • Honda CBR1000R / 2017-2022
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R / 2020-2024
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 2017-2024
  • Yamaha YZR-R1 / 2020-2024

Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

Leveraging these aerodynamic properties, the mirrors boast a fierce, Moto GP-inspired appearance, adding a visually captivating dimension to any motorcycle they adorn. Rizoma proudly highlights that the mirrors are engineered to align perfectly at eye level when the rider is in full tuck position, facilitating quick glances while overtaking rivals.

Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

With Rizoma’s Stealth Mirror, mirrors cease to be an afterthought, becoming an integral part of the riding experience. Discover the allure of stealthy downforce firsthand today!


  • Constructed from aluminum
  • Mirrors fold flat to create a functioning downforce spoiler
  • Creates 8.8lbs of downforce at 186mph when folded down
  • When folded up, mirror is functional when in full tuck position
  • Sold as a pair


Rizoma Stealth Supersport Mirrors

If Schnitz Racing doesn’t have it, they don’t make it.

About Rizoma

Rizoma is an Italian brand specialized in the design, production and distribution of tailor-made components and accessories for motorbikes. At the heart of it all is the brand’s high-impact design: authentic, agile and essential, at the top of the scale in terms of minimalism and efficiency thanks to its dynamic, streamlined structures, mainly crafted from aluminum.

This high-performing material is easy to mold and caters to infinite possibilities of shapes and styles, making it the brand’s iconic go-to material. Rizoma was inspired by the idea of bringing style and design to an industry where the product was seen as nothing more than a spare part. Its success is due to its ability to evolve in line with today’s changing cultural styles and influences while retaining its essential Italian identity and strong emphasis on the human touch in all its products.

People are an essential asset for Rizoma. Its extremely close-knit team of professionals combine various areas of expertise with a shared passion for detail and are encouraged on a daily basis to challenge convention and express their own potential and ideas. All of this is reflected in an organization where all the departments are engaged in focused, creative research. This unrelenting dedication to detail is clearly visible in every product launched.

Rizoma is committed to designing products easy to mount and that generally do not required changes to original parts of the bike. Rizoma always recommends that you have the installation of the product performed by skilled personnel who can guarantee the mounting in the most correct way. For your protection and safety, RIZOMA expressly recommends that you have the installation of the product performed by skilled personnel. Improper installation, repair or maintenance, can cause accidents.

Rizoma accepts no liability for any damage, of any kind, which may be caused, directly or indirectly, to persons or things as a result of incorrect assembly or failure to observe all the assembly instructions. Rizoma applies The International System of Units is a system of measurement, by which the measurements are shared by all the countries that accept the International System.

Therefore, the measurements/dimensions reported by Rizoma in its information and technical drawings or in the mounting manuals are based on this measurement system. Consequently, any tools required to install a Rizoma products must be compatible too. In some countries, such as the USA, the measurement system applied is different and it is necessary to ensure that the tools are the correct ones.

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