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SEMDRA Racer Crashes and is injured

Everybody that doesn’t know Brian Kramer probably has recognized him from his blond hair and as Jackie Bryce calls it wolf eyes (there bright blue). Anyhow, on Sunday at a test session on his newly painted rebuilt outlaw bike had a mishap and crashed. He’s currently in the hospital with multiple broken bones and had surgery on his shoulder and has a lot of road rash.

He’ll be the first spokes person that if you don’t have leathers that zip together then you need to go get them now! I’m sure SEMDRA like other sanctions will be requiring them as soon as this year. You can have your existing leathers and have the zippers put in for around $100 by Bates, Vanson or SYED (or other places). He’s married and has a young daughter and is self-employed therefore without the ability to work he could probably at the very least use the appreciation us racers give him.

I’ve spoken with Jackie and we’re going to do something for the Brian and his family. Brian also has been of great help to SEMDRA PROMOD racer Cootie (not sure of his last name but lives in Atlanta). We’re going to start a Brian Kramer fund between now and through the first SEMDRA race on 3/27/04. Anyone that would like to donate to help Brian and his family you can send money orders made payable to Brian Kramer or Star Racing and send them to Jackie Bryce at Star Racing.

I will be in Jacksonville this weekend for Uncle Joe’s race and will be accepting donations on his behalf and all the money I collect on Sunday will be mailed to Jackie Bryce’s attention in a sealed envelope. Anyone that doesn’t know me but will be at the race and would like to donate by all means contact Jackie Bryce regarding my credentials. I simply want to help a friend in need.

You can contact me directly at 321-377-2442 –  Jason Sullivan.

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