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Shayne Proctor’s Nitrous Explosion Caught On Tape

The 2016 edition of IDBL’s WPGC Bike Fest will always be remembered for a poignant moment of near tragedy. Hugely popular and successful MDIR racer Shayne Proctor was on a routine pass in Top Sportsman. Dialing in 7.80 on Willie Nichol’s nitrous-huffing Suzuki Hayabusa, Proctor left the line unusually late against opponent Brian Fandel and rode hell-bent on catching up. But right at the eighth mile an apparent nitrous airbox explosion ignited the bike into a huge ball of flame.

Proctor rode the bike to the finish line, completely in flames and—according to top end eyewitnesses—standing on the footpegs with his hands off the bars. At that point he was able to bail, his legs and feet engulfed in flames. Despite a shoulder dislocated in the fall, Shayne rolled vigorously around on the pavement in a futile attempt to put out the fire. Nearby racers with towels were able to quickly reach the burning rider and put out the flames as the MDIR safety crew arrived. One of his shoes lay 10 feet away, burning like a campfire.

Few of IDBL’s tough racers and fans will ever forget what they saw, and as Proctor was airlifted to the hospital it was a troubled field that took to the staging lanes until news came back that Proctor is expected to fully recover from burns on his legs and back, and the injured shoulder.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Proctor with his medical bills at https://www.gofundme.com/2hdjgzfb

Video by EatMyInk.com

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