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Speedy Racing gets Stronger and Lighter

Speedy Racing gets Stronger and Lighter

Words and photos by Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes

Dominating the class and aiming for a fifth championship in a row, one of the prominent questions posed as we head into 2024 is can anyone stop the Danish team of Marcus Christiansen and his father Claus ‘Speedy’? Winter upgrades to the bike are, as one might expect as Marcus outlines below.

“We have worked hard over winter to get the bike ready after the final last year which ended in a broken rod around the 300m mark, and that completely destroyed everything in the engine. We’ve designed new engine cases which are stronger and slightly lighter, and build 2 complete engines which should take us through the season.

The plan is of course to secure a fifth championship in a row, and finish where we left of chasing that record for normally aspirated bikes. With a lot of new parts and a lot of spares we will push hard to go for that record, and who knows if everything aligns perfectly, weather, wind, track, bike, balance in the universe etc. blah blah blah, maybe that 5.9 is in there somewhere.

After all the hard work over winter the bike is in better shape than ever and we believe we are better prepared than ever for a tight championship, and running consistently in the low 6’s.

We are looking forward to tough competition and with 5 races and the 4 best counting in the championship [a new regulation for the Super Twin class this year], hopefully we see a tight championship where everyone shows up for the Finals at Santa Pod in September.

We’ve a few sponsor events prior to the Main Event, where we’ve been firing up the bike and make some burnouts, which helps to get back into the swing of things.

We can’t wait to be back on the track at the Main Event to show what we can do, there is definitely more potential in the bike than we have previously shown, so wish us luck and let’s hope for a good season with some tight racing.

Special thanks to:

    • Mosten MC
    • Allingeåbro Motorfestival
    • Torxster
    • New sponsor Ransborg Salg og Service.

Providing the new parts hold together, it’s going take something special to keep Marcus and Speedy out of the winners circle.

The FIM-E Main Event takes place at Santa Pod Raceway, England, May 24-27, 2024.

2024 FIA/FIM Main Event

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