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Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout – Las Vegas Results

Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
September 29, 2018

Story by Kirk Walton
Photos by Captivated Imagery (Andrew Perez)

With the rebuilding of The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to a four-wide track. It was going to be closed this spring if the Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout was going to have the March date. Turns out it wasn’t to be but event organizer, Kahea Woods worked with LVMS to have a fall date. September 29th was the date chosen. Motorcycle and snowmobile riders from 5 states showed up and the total count was 40. Miles Hauer, Camano Island, Washington had the longest tow and got $100 gift certificate from Grothus Dragbikes. So that meant $4000 was up for grabs in prize money. Many sponsors came aboard and handed out various performance and drawing prizes. Riders were asked to bring pet food to donate to Moondoggy Surf for Adopt A Rescue Pet. Thanks for all the support from the sponsors!

We had one major rule change this year. Since D7 (and D6) are allowing delay boxes, they were also legal in this race the first time. Event organizer Kahea Woods kept the #1 spot with a nice .001 reaction time. Performance Cycle was giving away a free head port job to the #1 qualifier. Kahea decided to give that away to another racer. Cheyanne Duvall, West Jordan, Utah won the drawing for that. The number two qualifier was Dave “Wheels” Wheeler, Murray, Utah. He had a .002 and also gets a $50 gift card from Carter Powersports for being the highest qualified non-bar bike. Other prizes in qualifying were, #7 qualifier Aaron Pine, La Mirida, California gets $100 from APE. The #19 qualifier was Mo Rider, Kearns, Utah, and gets a $50 gift card from Carter Powersports. The “Not so #1 qualifier” was David Phillips and he gets $100 gift certificate from Liguori Drag Racing.

In the first round, more prizes were given away. Larry Mota had the best reaction time, .011 and won $100 from Worldwide Bearings. Best losing package went to Mo Rider and gets a $100 gift certificate from Web Camshafts. Tracy Giles, Sandy, Utah, gets a new complete paint job from Primo Customs for his .005 reaction time for the best losing RT in the first round. Geddy Getz gets a Spiderman t-shirt from Larry McBride Racing for fastest MPH in the first round.

Round one:

Ken Giles, West Valley City, Utah over Eric Danielson, Sr., Las Vegas, Nevada
Justin King, Henderson, Nevada over Tracy Giles, Sandy, Utah
Jeremy Bates, Provo, Utah over Bryan Rice, North Las Vegas, Nevada
Jay Thompson, Wittman, Arizona over David “Wheels” Wheeler, Murray, Utah
Jeremy March, Flagstaff, Arizona over Gary Oaks, Las Vegas, Nevada
Leo Shaver, Las Vegas, Nevada over La Verk Harper, Fontana, California
Tyler Anderson, Glendale, Arizona over Mark Noah, Los Angeles, California
Kahea Woods, Las Vegas, Nevada over David Phillips, Las Vegas, Nevada
Chris Ragan, Las Vegas, Nevada over Mo Rider, Kearns, Utah
Larry Mota, Orem, Utah over Noah Penright, Rialto, California
Geddy Getz, Las Vegas, Nevada over Angel Estevez, Glendale, Arizona
Justin Perea, Las Vegas, Nevada over Gregory Victor Williams, Los Angeles, California
Don Nielsen, West Jordan, Utah over Ted Stufflebeam Jr., West Valley City, Utah
Rick Newport, Bluffdale, Utah over Jarvis Corley, Los Angeles, California
Dave Miller, Whittier, California over Cheyanne Price Duvall, West Jordan, Utah
Freddie Camerena, Placentia, California over Miles Hauer, Camano Island, Washington
Cody Cumpton, Vancouver, Washington over Jerry Martinez, Jr., El Mirage, Arizona
Aaron Pine, La Mirada, California over Big Bruce Lee, Los Angeles, California
Eddie Sharron, Pahrump, Nevada over Andrew Lewis, Las Vegas, Nevada
Steve Harrison, American Fork, Utah over Megan Hill, Las Vegas, Nevada

Round two:

In the second round, out of the ten pair running, four had redlights.

Geddy Getz won over Justin Perea with a redlight by Justin.

Jay Thompson beat Chris Ragan with a reaction time advantage .022 vs .086 with Chris running right on his 8.075. Ragan wins $100 for the best-losing package in the 2nd round from GoFast Bike Parts.

Justin King also had a win over Larry Mota with a reaction time of .005 to .020 for force Mota to breakout.

Don Nielsen beat Cody Cumpton with an advantage of .042 to .127 reaction.

Rick Newport needed a .004 to force Tyler Anderson to break out with his .017 reaction.

Aaron Pine had a .009 to get Jeremy March to breakout.

Leo Shaver won when Eddie Sharron redlighted with a -.082.

Jeremy Bates won by a red light over RMR teammate Steve Harrison’s -.003.

Kahea Woods also won by redlight over Ken Giles -.008.

Dave Miller beat Freddie Camerena on a breakout. Freddie runs 7.247 at 186.38mph

Round three:

The third round had a great reaction time duel with Rick Newport getting a .001 vs. a .009 for Justin King. Rick won with a 8.403 at141.80mph on the 8.37 to King’s 10.123@121.54mph on the 10.06 dial. King does win $100 from GoFast Bike Parts for the best-losing package in the 3rd round.

Rocky Mountain Raceways teammates Jeremy Bates and Don Nielsen faced each other and Bates took the win when Nielsen slowed (9.463 at 114.30mph on the 9.16 dial). Bates ran 9.649@127.21mph off the throttle on the 9.59.

Las Vegas teammates faced off with Leo Shaver getting the win when Kahea Woods red-lighted with a -.009. Both ran it out, and Leo running a 9.020@149.75mph (8.98) and Kahea a 8.747 at 151.97mph (8.70).

Dave Miller had a great .007 to Jay Thompson’s .029 and ran 8.211@162.45mph on the 8.20. Thompson broke out with a 9.368@131.81mph on the 9.37.

Aaron Pine used a big reaction time advantage (..025 vs. .153) to beat Geddy Getz. Pine’s time was 8.177@151.82mph on the 8.15. Getz ran 8.041@170.21mph on the 7.85. Getz wins the quickest ET of the event and gets $100 from Robinson Industries.


Aaron Pine got a slight reaction time advantage on Jeremy Bates to start off the quarterfinals (.014 vs..025). He ran 8.155 at 160.96mph on the 8.12 to Bates 9.608 at 140.90mph on the 9.58. Bates does win a couple of prizes. Best losing package in the quarterfinals gets him $200 gift certificate from CP-Carrillo. He also gets a free fuel injection clean and service ($180 value) from GoFastBikeParts.

Dave Miller won when Rick Newport went red by -.008. Both ran it out, with Miller clocking another 8.213@161.81mph on the 8.20. Newport ran right on with a 8.337 at 157.87mph (8.33).

Leo Shaver had the bye run into the semis and ran 9.015@147.42mph on the 9.00.


Leo Shaver had to overcome a slight advantage at the line by Aaron Pine (.023 vs .005) running a 9.014@142.12mph on the 9.00 to Pine’s breakout time of 8.130@160.58mph on his 8.15 dial.
Dave Miller ran his bye run through at a .021 8.185@162.08mph on the 8.21.


In the final Leo Shaver used his .009 reaction time and dead on with a 9 to Dave Miller’s .038 to force a breakout and take the win. Leo ran 8.998@142.58mph on the 8.99 to Dave’s 8.165@162.84mph on the 8.18.

Along with their split of the $4000 purse they also get some extras from the sponsors. Moondoggy Surf gave $400 to Shaver and $100 to Miller. Both get $50 gift certificates from Liguori Drag Racing.

After the race, the BBQ dinner was provided by Road Kill Grill of Las Vegas by John Mull. Also many drawings were held and thanks to Lucas Oil, Primo Customs, Liguori Drag Racing and Captivated Imagery (Andrew Perez).

One story we must mention was Jeremy Bates flipped his Hayabusa off the starting line. Thankfully, he felt good enough to continue the rest of the weekend. His bike was a little more broken up. Bryan Duvall had a spare bike in his trailer and gave him the parts he needed to continue on Saturday. With labor help from Dave Wheeler and Tj Stufflebeam he was able to race and make it to the 4th round. Thanks to all who helped him.

So another great Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout is in the books. It just keeps getting bigger and better. Again, thanks to Kahea Woods for organizing it, LVMS Jeff Foster and staff for all their help and all the sponsors and racers that make this one of the best races of the year!

– Kirk Walton


Cheyanne Duvall won the drawing for the porting from Performance Cycle

Larry Mota gets the best R/T in 1st Round and $100 from Worldwide Bearings

Dave “Wheels” Wheeler best non-bar reaction time .002 and $50 from Carter Powersports

#7 Qualifier gets APE cash, Aaron Pine

Geddy Getz with the fastest MPH in 1st round with Larry McBride Racing t-shirt

Dave Miller with the cash and gift certificate he wins for 2nd place.

Winner Leo Shaver with Kahea Woods (far left) and his winning check.

Chris Ragan best losing package 2nd round gets $100 from GoFastBikeParts.

Miles Hauer made the longest tow from Camano Island, Washington

After a testing crash Friday, Jeremy Bates was patched back together and went to the 4th round. He had the best losing MOV in the 4th round and won a $200 CP-Carillo gift certificate and also highest finishing FI bike for a free cleaning and service from GoFastBikeParts.

Freddie Camarena “Quickest ET of event” 7.24. $100 cash from Robinson Industries

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