Squatch: Dragbike Air Clutch

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So…You have always wanted the security of leaving the starting line with a button, it was too expensive…or maybe not up to today’s standards?

Now you can…Introducing the DRAGBIKE AIR CLUTCH

A mechanism that is so innovative that it has received a United States Patent… #6,409,005!!!

Here is how it works.  When you pull a normal clutch, you are basically shortening the relationship between the inner cable and outer cable sheath at the operating (engine) side of the cable.  It is shortened by pulling the inner cable.  Our system extends the outer sheath, still having the same outcome at the engine side of the cable.  It is similar in operation to a throttle stop, but for your clutch.  Pull the clutch handle in, press the button, and release the handle (it will go back out to the released state.) When you are ready to leave…just slide your finger off the button.

One of the nice things is that it is mounted in the cable, down on the motorcycle frame, leaving nothing but the button on the handlebars.  Most applications require no grinding our modification to the frame of motorcycle.  Just bolt on, wire, and plumb it…and your ready to go.  It changes absolutely nothing about the normal operation of the motorcycle when not in use.  In fact you won’t even know it’s there.  Until you want to show your opponent what a reaction time is…

The air clutch is made entirely of highly polished aluminum alloys and stainless steel.  There is nothing to rust.  Each unit, also, comes standard with two waterproof snap-action micro switches.  Both switches are adjustable to where they “come” in.  Incorporated into the mechanism is a stroke stop which will allow a slight amount of fine tuning to your reaction time.  The Squatch Air Clutch System air clutch is compatible with all delay boxes, too.  Excellent for those of you who want to get into the box races.

 Kits include:
• Squatch Air Clutch Systems clutch unit
• air valve
• fittings
• all wiring needed for installation
• instructions
• stickers, and technical support

Add a Squatch Super button to the mix!!!

All pushbuttons are built in polished billet aluminum housing.  Buttons are SPDT with built in LED lighted face in an assortment of colors to match your bike.  Top button is usually used for shifting while the bottom is used for launch control.  Bottom button is set back and below a machined in ridge to guard from accidentally hitting the wrong button.  Super buttons fit standard 7/8″ handlebars.  This mount also features built in air fittings.  Not fittings with the tiny thread size of #10-32.  These ports are all true 1/8-27 NPT pipe fittings for a perfect seal.  Air gauge, fill valve, and stainless hardware included. Available in double and single button without air.

Kits are ready to ship for Kawasaki KZ,Z1 and Suzuki GS.  Also, in the works…ZX12, Harley, and even Hayabusa (requires clutch conversion).

Prices start at $289

Checkout our internet special at $199!!!

 Now available at

Mansfield, Ohio

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