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Stacey Bortz wins Hot Street at the AMRA Spring Rally

Stacey Bortz won the AMRA Spring rally and races Hot Street class at Beech Bend Raceway April 26-27. Coming from the number three qualifying position she bested John Toth with a class best time of 9.17 and a national record setting 148.23 mph. Stacey’s 2014 effort is aboard a brand new 120 cu in combination that uses S&S B2 cylinder heads from GMS Racing Engines, a Fuel injection system designed in house at GMS using the Daytona Twin Tech TCFI4 module, and the new Torque Box 5 Speed transmission from Baker Drivetrain.


Stacey would like to thank GMS Racing Engines and Chassis, Baker Drivetrain. Daytona Twin Tech, Renegade Race Fuels and S&S Cycle Inc. Most importantly Stacey dedicates this win and national record to her recently passed grandfather and life roll model, Earl Wingrove. He was her biggest fan and we are all sure he is looking down with pride on her.

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