Stotz Racing: Another Race – Another Final

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Another Race – Another Final

Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis has always been a favorite of Stotz Racing. Not only have we won many races but we’ve also set many records there. The Summer heat has always made the track tough to get down quickly. With track temps nearing 140° this year, I was glad to have had so many successful seasons there. It did take us Friday’s test session and into Saturday’s qualifying to get a hold of the track, but Frankie qualified well with the #2 spot.

Sunday was even hotter and I missed on the tuneup in the first round. The tire spun as soon as Frankie let go of the clutch. This is where the top riders shine because he caught it quick enough to regain traction and run down the opponent to advance. We kept advancing right to the finals. The heat finally bit us as the quick turn around left the clutch too hot and grabby causing the bike to red light on the start , but we did extend our points lead. Stotz Racing is now 1 full race ahead of 2nd place (201 5 Champion) Doug Gall. We will keep working on any weaknesses and are more determined than ever to win the 2018 Championship.

Four-time AMA Pro Street Champions Stotz Racing, first 200mph record and first Turbo Pro-Street in the Sixes (6.98) thank American Honda,, Dyno Dynamics, Sikora Precision, DME Racing, M2 Shocks, Al Lamb’s Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, BST Wheels by Brock’s Performance, Robinson Industries, DC V-Twin, JE Pistons, MicroBlue Racing, Air-Tech Streamlining, , ARP, Win Racing, Millenium Technologies,, and the newest