Stotz Racing: Makes History at XDA’s Superbike Showdown

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Stotz Racing Makes History at XDA’s Superbike Showdown

After coming off a first-round loss when the chain came off back at the Virginia XDA race, Kent and Frankie Stoz were determined to get back to utilizing the new found horsepower from DME Racing, Maxx ECU, Web Cams and Vance & Hines. Having to completely change the shock, clutch, chassis, trans, and power delivery needed to win the Anarchy No Prep race two weeks earlier, the team used Friday testing to get dialed in for qualifying on one of the best-prepped tracks in the country.

Saturday rolled around with three rounds of qualifying. Frankie had been fighting a kidney stone problem with one trip to the ER on Tuesday already and was off his game with two big mistakes during the day that could have cost the team a motor, twice. Not tightening the oil drain plug on one pass and forgetting to refuel the bike two passes later are big no no’s. Lucky after a thorough examination of the bike they determined the CBR was quite tough and had survived the mishaps and was ready to kick ass in Sunday’s eliminations.

Unfortunately, the kidney stones had other ideas and Frankie and Kent were back in the ER Saturday night through Sunday 2:30 am. Four hours of sleep later in the first round of eliminations, Frankie went a smooth 6.67@204. Realizing that they had to face Ehren Litten, the #1 Qualifier and new MPH National Record holder in the second round, Kent knew he would have to push some limits. As Frankie and Ehren rolled into the beams everyone knew this was the race to watch. Ehren got Frankie on the tree but that’s when the little CBR shot out of there with the best incremental to the 1000 foot anyone had ever seen. 1.08, 2.82, 424@175 to half track and a 6.55@209 out the back door leaving Frankie with the Big Win.

In the semi-finals Kent decided to step it up a little more with the little Honda up against Gaige Herrera’s Nitrous Busa. Frankie ran a personal best of 6.49@214 and what would have been the new National Record any other time but everybody was flying. Considering that the little Honda set the record at 6.601 to dominate the last race of the 2018 season, it’s amazing that the 6.49 was only third quickest of the weekend! It was still enough to get another W and go to another final

This would be the first time ever that two 1000’s, one Honda and one Suzuki were in a National Final together. Frankie and good friend and DMERacing teammate, Jeremy Teasley, had faced each other many times, but never in the finals aboard two liter bikes. Pro Street is the class that until last years NHDRO Championship for Stotz Racing, nothing except a Turbo Busa had won the Championship in any of the three organizations since 2003. All the hard work by the Honda team and it’s sponsors, Sikora Precision, Maxx ECU, JE Pistons, Robinson Transmissions, M2 Shocks, etc. were paying off. And now they were racing against another sponsor of theirs and teammates, DME Racing. Either way, it was going to be a great final!

They both left the line relatively together but then the mighty Honda made a mad charge to the 1/8 mile running another world’s best, 4.21@178mph  to the 1/8th mile and Frankie was ahead. Jeremy saw Frankie out on him and hit the ‘Oh Shit’ button. By the thousand foot mark, they were even. Frankie ran a record-setting 6.46@217mph but unbelievably Jeremy in the other lane ran a better with a new National Record of 6.42@222mph. If anyone at the start of the year would have said that running a 6.46 wouldn’t be enough to win, you would have said they were crazy.

Well, that’s drag racing. Frankie said, “If we have to lose, we wouldn’t want to lose in any other way or to anyone else. What a great race. Busa’s, 1000’s and Nitrous Bikes were setting personal bests and records all weekend. We were not only fortunate enough to witness it, but we were one half of the World’s Quickest side by side ProStreet race in History!”

You can see Stotz Racing back in action July 23-25 at Maryland International Raceway for the 19th annual WPGC Bike Fest with 800+ racers and 10,000 fans in attendance!

Now FIVE Time AMA Pro Street Champions Stotz Racing, first 200mph record and first Turbo Pro-Street in the Sixes (6.98) thank American Honda,, Sikora Precision, DME Racing, Al Lamb’s Honda, BST Wheels by Brock,  Robinson Industries, JE Pistons, Air-Tech Streamlining, M2 Shocks, Worldwide Bearings, ARP, Win Racing, Millenium Technologies,, Steve Nichols &, Web Cams, and Vance & Hines!