Stotz Racing: Prepared for a Championship

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Stotz Racing: Prepared for a Championship

The highly attended and live streamed KOTS race on Sept. 15th had a name change to ANARCHY but was still the same format. We have used both our Pro Street CBR1000RR and “Biff” our grudge and tested the CBR to win this event. We chose Biff so we did not have to change the highly developed chassis on the Pro CBR. If the track was too slippery we could change out the BST wheel with the street tire to the BST/slick. Also, Robinson Transmissions made us two transmissions, Auto and Pro cut that could be swapped at the track, because the CBR trans comes out the side without having to split the cases like the big bore bikes. The track was loose in the middle and instead of another win we spun and got beat in the semi-finals. Our Championship Pro Street CBR1000RR gets almost all of our attention and Biff just needed more track time.

The $10,000 XDA Battle Royale was this past weekend and Stotz Racing blistered to a new 6.67 just .006 short of the record and .008 short of the coveted first 6.5 second pass and the prize money that goes with it. Frankie had that DME Turbo singing to the 14,200 rpm shift points which put the JE Pistons, Falicon rods, and Marine crankshaft to the test but I have rebuilt the motor and the MicroBlue Coated bearings looked beautiful.

Once again the rain came and ended the race with 8 Pro Street riders still in contention. The whole XDA crew did an amazing job with the track holding 6.60’s all weekend. We have the NHDRO Finals at Indy this weekend and the Man Cup Finals left for the quest for the first 6.5? If we use the new MaxxECU to it’s potential and M2 shock set just right, Six fifties could happen. Stay tuned!

Four-time AMA ProStreet Champions Stotz Racing, first 200mph record and first Turbo Pro Street in the Sixes (6.98) thank American Honda,, Dyno Dynamics, Sikora Precision, DME Racing, Al Lamb’s Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, BST Wheels by Brock, Robinson Industries, DC V-Twin, JE Pistons, MicroBlue Racing, Air-Tech Streamlining, M2 Shocks, Worldwide Bearings, ARP, Win Racing, Millenium Technologies,, and the newest