Stotz Racing with a Final Round Finish at the World Cup Finals

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Stotz Racing with a Final Round Finish at the World Cup Finals

46,000 screaming fans and 2.3 million viewers around the globe made this race, the 24th annual Haltech World Cup Finals – Import vs. Domestic presented by Wiseco the highlight of the Stotz/Honda Drag Racing team’s 2019 Season.

This was the second year the motorcycles were invited to this prestigous event. In 2018 the crowd loved the bikes, and this year the bikes were set up closer to the fans and byt the fastest cars at the event. Now the fans were asking a million questions. How do we get almost 600 horsepower from a 1 liter motor? How come that little tire doesn’t spin? Why don’t they wheelie more? It was great interacting with the crowd and being showcased in a positive atmosphere.

The Stotz/Honda team is usually outnumbered by the Suzuki’s at most races, but since 70% of the import cars are Honda’s we were the majority for the first time. It was great, especially with so many Honda fans in the stands cheering us on!

Of course when the air is 44 degrees, and adjusted altitude is 860’ below sea level, wheelies do happen! In round two of eliminations, Frankie went for quite a ride when the third gear boost launched the little CBR1000RR into the air!

Even the M2SHOCK and DME Racing swingarm with the BST carbon fiber wheels could not stop that wheelie. The Owen Developments equipped turbo system from DME Racing spooled faster than ever. Kent did not account adequately for the great air when he put the tune in the Maxx ECU. Frankie’s riding saved the pass and put us in the final.

Jeremy Teasley on the DME Racing GSX-R1000 had been in this amazing air last year. Andy Sawyer and Steve Nichols of DME Racing tuned their MaxxECU to very consistent low 6.40’s all the way to beat us in the final. Congratulations to Team DME Racing. We will be more than ready for these conditions next year. A big thank you to the Miller Brothers for including us in this huge event, and to Brandi at for all the endless work she does to promote motorcycle drag racing in all of the organizations.

The round trip of 29.5 hours of driving is tough, especially when you need to turn around and be ready for another big event. Frankie got the motor out on Tuesday after the race. Kent said the JE Pistons, Millenium cylinders, V&H head, and Robinson transmission looked great, so Frankie put it right back in the bike! Kurt Sikora of Sikora Precision is part of the Stotz/Honda team, and we will be pitting out of his trailer on the Manufacturer’s Midway for the MavTV filming of the Man Cup World Finals in Valdosta GA Nov. 20-24. Last year Frankie Stotz sent eh Pro Street record running 6.60’s four times in a row. We will be looking for another record-setting performance next weekend. We hope to see you there!


Now FIVE Time AMA Pro Street Champions Stotz Racing, first 200mph record and first Turbo Pro-Street in the Sixes (6.98) thank American Honda,, Sikora Precision, DME Racing, Al Lamb’s Honda, BST Wheels by Brock,  Robinson Industries, JE Pistons, Air-Tech Streamlining, M2 Shocks, Worldwide Bearings, ARP, Win Racing, Millenium Technologies,, Steve Nichols &, Web Cams, and Vance & Hines!