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ANDRA: Super South Coast Nationals Delivers

ANDRA australian national drag racing association

Super South Coast Nationals Delivers In Portland

Day two of the South Coast Nationals has seen the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series racers well and truly deliver some super performances today as they looked to claim ANDRA Christmas Trees in Portland.

When all was said and done, it was Rob Bergamin (Super Gas), Sarah Osborne (Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster), Michael Jennings (Super Street), Lucas Neagoe (Modified Bike), Gary Vogelsang (Super Sedan), Kenny Stewart (Modified), Glenn Henley (Top Sportsman), Dale Tucker (Supercharged Outlaws), Adrian Vella (Super Comp) and Joe Khoury (Competition Bike) who claimed the silver ANDRA Christmas Trees.

Taking the runner-up honours were Jason Wilson (Super Gas), Alex Rottenbury (Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster), Tex Griffiths (Super Street), Sean Ricketts (Modified Bike), Alex Gkroidis (Super Sedan), Derek Wills (Modified), Vlado Turic (Top Sportsman), Tim Stewart (Supercharged Outlaws), Matt Forbes (Super Comp) and David Willis (Competition Bike).

ANDRA Lucas Neagoe
Lucas Neagoe

Modified Bike

In Modified Bike, Lucas Neagoe took the win over South Coast 660 winner Sean Ricketts. Neagoe raced his Suzuki GSXR1000 to the final with victories over B Finn and Matthew Yard before a round three bye, while Ricketts had taken on Derryn McGregor, Greg Oberti and Jamie Dohnt. Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Shane Walker meanwhile was unable to proceed past a round two bye.

ANDRA Modified Bike

Competition Bike

In Competition Bike, reigning champion Joe Khoury took the win over David Willis with his Harley Davidson Destroyer.

ANDRA Joe Khoury
Joe Khoury

Competition Bike employs the three-round Chicago Shootout format, with Khoury enjoying three successful races on his way to the final against Rob Church, Jake Hamilton-Moderate, and Gavin Dohnt, while Willis took two wins from Hamilton-Moderate and Church while suffering one race lose to Dohnt.  Edge Mallis was the Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier.

ANDRA Competition Bike

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ANDRA thanks the South Coast Raceway management and all of its volunteers and sponsors as well as all of the ANDRA officials and volunteers for an outstanding racetrack and a well-run event.

ANDRA would also like to make special mention of long-time sponsor Summit Racing Equipment, for all of their support of ANDRA and the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series over the last nine years.

Next up for Australia’s sportsman racers is a return to Portland’s South Coast Raceway for the South Coast 660 across January 6-7. For event information,visit www.southcoastraceway.com.au

For more from ANDRA, visit www.andra.com.au

Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series Soars at South Coast Raceway

Day one of South Coast Raceway’s South Coast Nationals, featuring the latest round of the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series, has seen more than 160 racers impress across three rounds of qualifying today ahead of eliminations racing tomorrow (Sunday 3 December).

At the close of Saturday’s proceedings, it was Luca Lamattina (Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster), Des Woolstencroft (Super Gas), Bill Farrugia (Super Street), Shane Walker (Modified Bike), Tony Miskelly (Super Sedan), Simon Barlow (Modified), Dean Cleary (Top Sportsman), Davydd Estcourt (Supercharged Outlaws), Matt Forbes (Super Comp) and Edge Mallis (Competition Bike) who claimed the Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Medallions for their respective classes.

ANDRA Modified Bike Shane Walker

In Modified Bike, this event marks a swansong for former national champion, Shane Walker, who is riding a bike leant to him by a fellow former Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series champ, Tony Frost.

“The Bend was supposed to be the farewell and as the Destroyer sold quicker than I thought, Tony Frost came to my rescue. I had trouble at The Bend with the brake lever position and Tony offered to change it and let me run again in Portland, and you don’t look gift horses like that in the mouth! I thank him profusely,” Walker said.

“The plan was to test on Friday night and we got down the track but I didn’t get a decent enough burnout in so it spun pretty bad and I just rode it down, but today in the first run I got my act together and ran a five-sixty which I was pretty happy with!

“In the second round I stalled it in the burnout again, and then in the third run – and this is where I throw Frosty under the bus a bit – he put me in second gear, and I thought I was on a bucking bronco!” he laughed. “Even then it still went all right, going five-seventy!

ANDRA Modified Bike

“We are fairly happy; we have just changed the brake lever a bit more then and we are having fun. I gave away some hats and stuff today and will have some more to give away tomorrow too and that will pretty much be ‘the curtain.’ I might have one or two cameos here or there, but nothing else planned for the moment, and I can’t wear out Frosty’s bike!

“This is only the third time I have Top Qualified over here, and the five-sixty is probably an eighth mile PB for the last 10-15 years at least, it has been a long time since I went that quick and it certainly got my attention this morning, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

“To get a win tomorrow would mean I could go out on a even bigger high and dine out on it for the next 12 months! A big thank you to Tony for the loan of the bike and to Anthony for helping crew, and also Penrite and Jordan Speed and Customs.”

ANDRA Competition Bike Edge Mallis

Edge Mallis in Competition Bike claimed the Decoglaze Glass Splashbacks Top Qualifier Medallions. ANDRA Competition Bike

Sunday’s South Coast Nationals racing program will commence at 10.00am, with the finals scheduled to hit the track from approximately 4.00pm local time. For more information, visit www.southcoastraceway.com.au

For more from ANDRA, visit www.andra.com.au


The Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd, or ANDRA for short, is the drag racing sanctioning body of Australia. The organization was created in 1973 from a more drag racing oriented faction of the Australian Hot Rod Federation. Today ANDRA sanctions races throughout Australia and throughout the year at all levels, from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster, on everything from temporary regional tracks to international standard facilities in capital cities. ANDRA and its members make drag racing a family-friendly, safe sport. So come along as a spectator or bring your street car to an “off-street” event and enjoy the excitement that is Australian drag racing. www.andra.com.au

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