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Super Eliminator : 2016 Wrap-up

Super Eliminator

Super Eliminator : 2016 Wrap-up

The Man Cup world finals in Valdosta was once again, over the top, competitors from all over the globe with huge fields in every class, records dropping like a prom dress and beautiful weather all worked together to make this a great race. Hats off the Jay and Dave and all the Man Cup staff for another great race. Ben Knight did a great job running the lanes and Bill Hahn showed his knowledge and enthusiasm for our sport for 14 straight hours a day.

The competitors in Super Eliminator are about as diverse as you will find in any class, most of the competitors have become accustomed to the complex rules and are now showing a mastery of the class. Fifteen bikes ranging from 40+ year old vintage bikes to modern street bikes, all running on established ManCup records or indexes set by the competition committee. In all 6 records were broken and 5 new records were established.

The quickest bike in the field was an all-motor Vintage 750cc bike and the No. 1 qualifier was Lenny Clemons, a 70 years old veteran. An interesting note, one of the youngest racers in the field Alex Hughes was on one of the oldest bikes and the oldest competitor was on one of the newest bikes in the field, a Gen II ZX-14.

There was a very cool matchup between Bill Benton and J. Frank Loney, both on beautifully prepared Honda CB 750s, they were both running strong and split the national record with Bill getting the MPH record and Frank lowering his own E/T record that he set a year ago at the finals.

Another close field was the modern street bike class, D/US (Bikes built after 1999 with pipe, arm and aftermarket clutch. Two bikes were running on this record with Lenny Clemons taking the record on an 8.748 run and Clay Barnett right on his heels with an 8.780 run. The old record had been an 8.91, by dropping the record by .162 seconds Lenny put himself in the No. 1 Qualifier position. Lenny stated that his secret was keeping his race fuel in the refrigerator…not sure what Ms. Clemons thinks of that tuning secret.

The two states with the most racers was a tie between Ohio and Texas with three racers each, two of the three from each state set a new record but an Ohio racer won the event so you might say they have bragging rights for 2016. Eliminations didn’t go as predicted. No. 1 qualifier, Lenny Clemons, who had a bye run, was a no-show in round one.

Runner Up, Clint Riley (qualified 9th) ran Jimmy Chongris in round one, had a competition no-show in round two and J. Frank Loney in the semi-finals. Clint was campaigning, what we believe to be the world’s quickest V-Rod powered bike, a real V-Rod not a one-off prostock bike with a V-Rod decal on the tank, a true V-Rod. And it is a beautifully built bike, attention to detail is fantastic and it is a quick bike, running quicker and quicker with each round including a slightly too-quick 8.26 on an 8.32 record in the final round on a shut-off pass !! Clint gauged the stripe and rolled out in what he thought was plenty of time but only succeeded in dropping the record in the mid 8.20s. Super Eliminator is the only class in drag racing where the looser in the final round is happy about a breakout. Black Cat Racing now has a very impressive record to hang on the wall.

Winner of the race, Mike Chongris (qualified 14th), scored points at the first race in April on a Modified H2 and won the finals on a Sportster based dragbike. Mike set both ends of the HD/D record in qualifying and continued to run well in eliminations, taking out his brother Jimmy in the first round, beating Tim Ford in the second round and Walter Houghtaling in the semi-finals.

The finals was an all Harley race, vintage Sportster against a V-Rod with the Sportster taking the win. Clint Riley had a better light but misjudged how much performance his bike picked up from the previous round and broke out handing the win to the consistent running Mike Chongris.

The records set at this event have been added to the records database:
The records database is searchable, you can enter the competitors name or the sanction to go directly to their record.

Super Eliminator was contested at two races this year with points awarded for Rounds won, qualifying position, 50 points per record broken or established with bonus points awarded for No. 1, 2 or 3 qualifier with a national record. Points were also awarded for winner and runner-up and an additional 100 point bonus for attending both races. The points system was based on the IDBA rulebook last published in 2000.

The 2016 Super Eliminator Champion is Mike Chongris with 1,061 points. Second place is Clint Riley with 802 points. The Top Ten In Points:

Champion: Mike Chongris
2. Clint Riley
3. Jimmy Chongris
4. Walter Houghtaling
5. Alex Hughes
6. Parry Paugh
7. Tim Ford
8. Scot Allen
9. Kevin Hutchinson
10. J. Frank Loney

As a top ten finisher you are authorized to display a 1-10 number plate in Super Eliminator, well-done gentlemen !!

We would like to thank Fast by Gast for their sponsorship in 2016, it is great to have a sponsor that understands the passion of racing old and obsolete machines as well as modern bikes.

For more information on the class or if you have a question:

Please do not hesitate to send a PM if you would like information on the class, records, subclasses or points.

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