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April Fools : Suzuki Announces Hayabusa 1500

Suzuki Announces Hayabusa 1500

Suzuki Motors USA announced today the introduction of the Hayabusa 1500, a 1498cc version of their top-selling sportbike.

“Since its introduction in 1999 the Hayabusa has been the unquestioned king of sportbikes,” said Hal Jalikacek, product manager for Suzuki. “It became apparent to us that some other company wanted to upstage us with a 1400cc bike. That just would not fly. We need to place ourselves back on top.”

The new Hayabusa will be available in dealers in May and will have an MSRP of $12,450. Top speed will be production-limited at 186 mph which can actually be reached in fifth gear of its six-speed gearbox. The new Hayabusa is also available with an optional supercharger, boosting its power output to 570 hp. The Hayabusa 1500SC will have the highest output of any production motorcycle by a large margin.

In addition, Suzuki announced the Dragon, a new turn-key Pro Stock Dragbike based on the Hayabusa 1500 motor that will be available through dealers this fall. Priced at just under $45,000 the bike will feature a state-of-the-art EFI system, an enlarged 1655cc motor and will be legal for NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle class. The prototype test machine has run a corrected altitude pass of 6.98 seconds in NHRA legal trim.

“You can now buy a complete turn-key dragbike at any Suzuki dealer and be competitive in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle class,” said Jalikacek. “This is a serious motorcycle for serious competition. It was our intention to re-write the book and I feel confident that we have done so.”

Stay Tuned… More information to follow!!

The Staff at Dragbike.com would like to thank everyone who sent us emails about our joke!!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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