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Suzuki Takes on 2024 With The Stunning GSX-8R And Game-changing GSX-S1000GX+



Suzuki Motor USA (Suzuki), continues its impressive run of new 2024 models, with two more electrifying and important new products – the GSX-8R sportbike and the GSX-S1000GX+ sport crossover. Each model plays an important role in the Suzuki product line, both specifically positioned to inspire and engage riders with new thinking, precise engineering, and rider-driven features to make them leaders in their respective classes.

GSX-8R – The New Standard of Sport – The GSX-8R combines cutting-edge sportbike styling and real-world performance into a rider-friendly, exciting package. With progressive features such as the Showa SFF-BP fork and link-style rear suspension, full fairing design, and a sporty riding position; the 8R takes the unrivaled GSX-8S platform and gives it a sporty twist. This new model sets a new standard of sport with an exciting new expression of sportbike appeal, satisfying sport performance, and optimized comfort.

2024 GSX-8R

GSX-S1000GX+ – Supreme Sport Crossover – Bred from the best attributes of the GSX-S1000GT+ and V-STROM 1050, the all-new GSX-S1000GX+ bridges the gap between segments and offers a comfortable ride while delivering aggressive superbike performance and sporty looks. The GSX-S1000GX+ takes the crossover segment by storm with new technology never before seen on a Suzuki. The GX+ introduces a whole new level of suspension performance by introducing Suzuki Advance Electronic Suspension (SAES) – Suzuki’s first electronic suspension – and by adopting Suzuki’s original new Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization (SRAS) system. Coupled with included side cases and center stand, the GX+ is positioned to be the sport crossover motorcycle that shatters expectations on how thrilling and versatile one bike can be.

2024 GSX-8R

The GSX-8R builds on the solid engineering advances of the GSX-8S and features an upgraded SHOWA suspension for enhanced sporting middleweight performance. Suzuki’s new-generation parallel-twin 776cc DOHC engine with the sturdy backbone frame built around it forms a perfect package. Wrapped in the unique styling of a thoroughly modern take on Suzuki’s sportbike heritage, the GSX-8R features an aggressive, mass-forward look that is slim, compact, and well-balanced.

2024 GSX-8R

Key GSX-8R Features

  • Propelled by Suzuki’s new-generation 776cc parallel-twin engine, the GSX-8R is upgraded with SHOWA’s SFF-BP fork and matching shock for agile and sure handling.

2024 GSX-8R

  • GSX-8R riders enjoy exceptional ergonomics. Well-placed foot pegs, a well-padded seat, and forged aluminum separate handlebars place the rider in a sporty riding position shielded from wind sounds and buffeting by the sleek full fairing and wind tunnel-developed windscreen.

2024 GSX-8R

  • Sharp handling is a Suzuki tradition, so the GSX-8R uses SHOWA’s SFF-BP inverted front fork and matching rear shock for precise performance.
  • The ABS-equipped** NISSIN® radial-mounted 4-piston brake calipers with dual 310mm front brake rotors provide sure and linear stopping power.
  • Dunlop’s RoadSport 2 radial tires (120/70ZR17 at the front; 180/55ZR17 at the rear) are designed for the GSX-8R to deliver agility and grip.
  • The GSX-8R’s parallel twin uses a 270-degree firing order for strong torque production and is equipped with Suzuki’s patented Cross Balancer system for smooth operation and a thrilling exhaust note.
  • Suzuki’s Clutch Assist System (SCAS) smooths shifting and engine braking with the standard Bi-directional Quick Shift system.
  • The GSX-8R uses the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) suite of electronic rider aids that includes a three-mode Suzuki Drive Mode Selector and the four-mode Advanced Traction Control System* plus the Easy Start & Low RPM Assist systems.
  • Riders will keep tabs through the GSX-8R’s full-color 5-inch TFT instrument panel.
  • The GSX-8R’s full features and specs are available here. The GSX-8R is MSRP priced at $9,439. It arrives in early 2024.

2024 GSX-8R
The Suzuki GSX-8R utilizes the compact and powerful new Suzuki 776cc parallel-twin engine, SHOWA suspension front and rear, and modern, sportbike styling. The 8R is offered in popular Metallic Triton Blue, Pearl Ignite Yellow, or Metallic Matte Sword Silver with red wheels.

2024 Suzuki GSX-8R / MSRP $9,439 / Click Here for More Details

2024 GSX-8R

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

The new GSX-S1000GX+ achieves a new level of suspension performance by introducing Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES) — the Suzuki motorcycle line’s first electronic suspension —integrated with the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) These systems combine to make the GX+ comfortable and confidence-inspiring on road surfaces ranging from urban asphalt or worn highways, and uneven surfaces like cobblestones to paved country or mountain roads.

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

The result is an exciting new sport crossover motorcycle positioned comfortably between sport tourers and adventure tourers. While delivering the aggressive performance and sporty looks that distinguish the GSX-S series, the GSX-S1000GX+ provides long-distance touring comfort with its upright ergonomics and advanced features.

Key GSX-S1000GX+ Features

  • The 2024 GSX-S1000GX+ shares its engine and frame with the sport touring GSX-S1000GT+, but uses upright ergonomics and a taller stance to position the GX+ as Suzuki’s Sport Crossover model.
  • The GSX-S1000GX+’s long-stroke suspension achieves enhanced performance through the introduction of the Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES) and by adopting the new Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization (SRAS) system. These technologies make the GX+ more comfortable and manageable on urban streets, concrete highways, and uneven, winding mountain roads.
  • The GSX-S1000GX+’s updated Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) is a full collection of advanced electronic rider aids. The GX+ is the first GSX-S motorcycle to adopt the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-α.)

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

  • Smart TLR Control utilizes the Suzuki Traction Control System with Lift Limiter and Roll Torque Control, aiding performance under diverse and varying conditions.
  • Active Damping Control offers four electronically-controlled damping settings – Hard, Medium, Soft, and a customizable User setting – to best match the SDMS-α riding modes or the rider’s preference.

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

  • Smart TLR Control utilizes the Suzuki Traction Control System with Lift Limiter and Roll Torque Control, aiding performance under diverse and varying conditions.
  • Active Damping Control offers four electronically-controlled damping settings – Hard, Medium, Soft, and a customizable User setting – to best match the SDMS-α riding modes or the rider’s preference.
  • Electronic Rear Suspension Preload Settings offer a choice of four modes to tune the shock absorber to the GX+’s current load requirements.
  • Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization activates automatically when riding on uneven surfaces to provide a smoother ride with a soft, controllable throttle response.
  • Smart Cruise Control continues to operate when using the Bi-directional Quick Shift system’s clutch-free shifting, making the GX+ easier to handle on long rides.
  • With over ten S.I.R.S. features, many of which are new or updated specifically for the GSX-1000GX+, riders select the settings that best suit their skill level and experience, the passenger or cargo load, and road conditions.

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

  • The GSX-S1000GX+ has a 6.5-inch full-color TFT instrument panel. Using the panel, the rider may easily tune the GX+’s S.I.R.S. settings.
  • The TFT panel also controls Suzuki’s mySPINTM smartphone connectivity application to display maps, phone calls, contacts, and the rider’s music library.
  • A high-performance 999cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine based on Suzuki’s championship-winning GSX-R architecture powers the GSX-S1000GX+.
  • The GSX-S1000GX+ uses an aluminum, twin-spar frame and swingarm derived from GSX-R technology.
  • The GSX-S1000GX+ comes standard with a 3-position adjustable windscreen and large-capacity 25.7L (0.9 Cu. Ft.) side cases that each hold most full-face helmets.
  • A sturdy center stand simplifies maintenance while offering another parking option.
  • The GSXS1000GX+ full features and specs are available here. The GSX-S100GX+’s MSRP is $18,499. It will arrive in early Spring 2024.

The 2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX+ combines Suzuki’s first fully electronically-controlled suspension, a full suite of electronic rider aids, aggressive styling, and a GSX-R-derived foundation. The GX+ is offered in Pearl Matte Shadow Green.

2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX+ / MSRP $18,499 / Click Here for More Details

2024 GSX-S1000GX+

A wide selection of Genuine Suzuki Accessories is available for the GSX-8R and the GSX-S1000GX+. Review the Suzuki Genuine Accessory catalog for information on the full range of genuine accessories specific to each of these new models. Genuine Suzuki Accessories may be reviewed here.

Both the GSX-8R and GSX-S1000GX+ come with a 12-month limited warranty. Longer warranty coverage periods with other benefits are available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP). For more details, please visit www.suzukicycles.com.

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