Sverre Dahl Brings his Top Fueler to Man Cup World Finals

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Sverre Dahl Brings his Top Fueler to Man Cup World Finals

by Bill Hahn

Norway’s own Sverre Dahl will be competing in Pingel Top Fuel this coming weekend, with a partner we’re more used to seeing announcing Top Fuel than participating in it…Bill Hahn Jr! While many may not realize it, Bill boasts a win in Top Fuel, way back in 1991 when his gasoline turbo machine with Neal “Fast” Lane aboard took on the nitro blown monsters at the World Finals…and won! It was Bill and Neal’s first race together, and the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship that would net numerous records and championships.

Bill’s company Hahn RaceCraft is helping sponsor Sverre’s affair in his quest to come do battle with the finest Fuelers on the planet. Sverre’s program, like many European bikes, is a most unique machine, self-built and based upon a Yamaha engine.

Bill and Sverre both began their dragbike racing careers in 1984. Sverre moved to Funnybike in 1987, and to Top Fuel in 1991. Sverre hit the 6’s in 1991 with a 6.81, and had advanced to 6.18 by 1997, when he experienced an unfortunate crash on a rough track.

Sverre’s journey to the five-second zone was realized just last year at the famous Gardemoen Raceway, one of Norway’s only dedicated drag facilities. There, in his first foray to the fives, he netted a 5.98 and a 5.93. He’d continue to advance through 2017, and hit the 5.8 range with a 5.89, also at Gardemoen.

Sverre and Bill would love to conspire a 5.70 pass at Valdosta, and with the famous track conditions provided by Wade Rich, and a heaping helping of good air from Mother Nature, their dream may well come true!

Sverre Dahl Racing

  • Bike: “Sunshine Express” Yamaha 1400cc
  • Performance 2018
    • 1/4 mile 5.89-238mph
    • 1/8 mile 3.86-198mph
  • Driver/Owner: Sverre Dahl, 55 years old
  • Crew: Morten Dekko, Svein Holterhuset, Kirsten Søvre, Tonje Schei, Gitte Rosenlund, Stefan Holterhuset (Stefan is unable to attend Valdosta)