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NHDRO Team Reports

Stotz Racing : NHDRO / KOTS Report

Stotz Racing : NHDRO / KOTS Report The St. Louis NHDRO race was very hot and that usually means slippery but by Sunday there was record-setting traction. We finally got

Team Reports

Stotz Racing : Ready for a Fresh Start in 2016

  Ready for a Fresh Start in 2016 Stotz Racing is ready for a fresh start in 2016.  We spent the weekend with Steve and Allen of Dyno Dynamics promoting

Built to Win Columns

Built to Win : Asphalt and Opportunity

First off, Everything that we do is from the perspective of a fan of motorcycles from AMA racing, Grudge racing, MotoGP, Motorcross… You Name It. When the opportunity presented itself

Team Reports

Stotz Racing Mid-Season Report

Stotz Racing Mid-Season Report With three quarters of the season over we are still charging forward while battling tricky race weather conditions. On our last race report we made it

Team Reports

Stotz Racing : Finals in the Season Opener

Finals in the Season Opener With rain on and off all day Saturday the Lucas Oil Raceway crew and NHDRO staff rose another level trying to get the track dried

Team Reports

Stotz Racing : Rain dampens track but not spirits

   The Man Cup Motec Spring Nationals started out fantastic. Frankie and I went down a week early to visit my daughter Jacqui and her new fiance Jeff. Their new