Team Report: FIM/UEM Pro Stock Bike Team

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Last weekend in the UK we ran the 1st round of the European championships here at SANTA POD. We arrived on friday night with the DYNOSPEED DEVELOPMENTS backed Pro Stock Bike with the new UPPERTON 1640 engine, we have already missed 2 rounds of the UK championship and was nervous debuting the bike at this one, but with the new paintwork by Matt Hedger of AIRSTREAM it looked great, so our plan was to try and qualify and have no damage.

Well we qualified 3rd with a 7.75@166 then taking the win over REMO from Italy with a 7.65@169, we met Chis Hope in the semis who had just run a 7.62 so this was going to be close, my 466 light to his 478 I took the win with another 7.69@164 however when we returned to the pits we discovered the rear tyre had delaminated (see photo)with no spare and only a short time to the finals against 6 times European champion Roger Petterson who had run 7.35 we decided to get ready and see if roger made a mistake of the line,it was all to do the David and Goliath thing, well a 469 light to his 530 still was no match for the swedes power who took the win with a 7.37@181 to my 7.68@167, I must say a big thankyou to my crew KIM and KEV superb job and to DAVE BECK who is the UK Pro stock champion and races the MRE PRO MOD BIKE in the PROSTAR series, who could not make this event but helped me tune the bike from home and to Roger Upperton (good luck this weekend DAVE).

If there is any interest I would love to come and race over there in the states.

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