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Team Report: Jason Sullivan to Race Pro Stock

Sullivan to Race Pro Stock

Florida-based Top Gas racer Jason Sullivan is fulfilling a dream by moving up to the Pro Stock category for the 2004 season.

I am so pumped it’s unreal,” Sullivan said. “This is what I have always wanted to do. It’s an incredible feeling.”

Shortly after last year’s Alabama Prostar race Sullivan sold his Top Gas ride and purchased a C&W Carbon Fiber Hayabusa rolling Pro Stock chassis from a private owner. Over the winter Sullivan added a set of power plants to his arsenal by purchasing two of Pro Stock legend Dave Schultz’s two-valve motors, which have been as quick as 7.15.

“These are two motors that Dave never even really got a chance to race,” Sullivan said. “He tested with them shortly before he passed away. The motors were still very fresh but we had Vance and Hines go through them just incase. The bike is undergoing some finishing touches and Sullivan plans to have it ready for the first Prostar race in March.

This winter, Sullivan obtained his NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle license from the prestigious Frank Hawley/George Bryce Drag Racing School. ”I didn’t really expect to get my license at the school but I guess George Bryce and Frank Hawley saw enough to sign off on my first attempt” Sullivan said. “I did gain a lot of critical information that’s going to help me this season. The school is awesome I plan to go again”

Sullivan finished in the top-25 of the Semdra Super Comp standings in his rookie season of 2002. For the beginning of 2003 season the young talented rider moved up to the quicker Top Gas category with much success. Sullivan hopes the trend of success continues as he embarks on his Pro Stock endeavor.

“I’ve made a lot of progress the last couple of years,” Sullivan said. “With the right help I feel like I can be very competitive.”

Sullivan will run the entire AMA/Prostar circuit next season, along with various NHRA races. “With AMA/Prostar being nationally televised I feel it will be the right place to gain experience and to prove to potential sponsors that I can be successful” Sullivan said. Like most Pro Stock racers, Sullivan is looking for a marketing partner to complete the team.

“I am willing to help support and promote a sponsor’s business to the best of my ability, “Sullivan said. “I feel I have a lot to offer. I already own all of the equipment. I am looking for a sponsor merely to help with the traveling expenses and maintenance fees.”

Sullivan’s beautiful Hayabusa and 26-foot trailer would make a great billboard for any business wishing to gain exposure. Anyone interested in backing this up-and-coming rider can contact him at JasonSullivan@bcnuracing.com

Sullivan thanked his hardworking crew for all of the support. Likewise Sullivan expressed his appreciation for all of his sponsors:

  • Paul Gast at Fast by Gast
  • Don Plessor at the PR Factory Store
  • Fair Lending Financial Services (407) 622-1118
  • Meredith Schultz and Schultz Racing Products
  • Bates Leathers

Keep an eye out for Jason Sullivan and his Fair Lending Hayabusa to emerge as a heavy-hitter in the forthcoming races.

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