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Team Report: Krol Cycle Racing Team

Krol Cycle Racing Team: Will Illness Derail Top Fuel Program?

The Krol Cycle Racing Team has been nothing if not dedicated to their goal of building and racing one of the world’s fastest motorcycles. The recent serious illness of owner/rider Ron Krol, and the rumors circulating as a result of it, has prompted the team to release the following statement:

“In late September, after a long illness, Ron Krol was treated for a serious infection which had started in his gall bladder and spread throughout his body. Major surgery was required to remove the infected gall bladder, and to treat the infection in his other organs. He has made good progress after surgery, and a full recovery is expected.
Rumors have spread that Ron has cancer. This is not at all the case, but anyone who saw Ron in the months before the surgery would have been tempted to think so. He lost a lot of weight very quickly, and did appear to be wasting away and was in obvious distress. As Ron said, “For the first time in my life I felt my age.” He has since regained about 30 pounds and is exercising regularly to restore lost muscle tone and control.

This is just one more in a long line of hardships that has tested our mettle and our resolve. Rest assured we are looking forward to the coming racing season and the chance to finally showcase the result of our years of hard work, and to make our presence felt in the quickest and fastest class in motorcycle racing. Thank you to all of you who called, sent cards, or just offered a kind thought- we hope to see you all again very soon.”


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