Team Report: Stotz Street Xtreme

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Stotz Street Xtreme – Race Report
Indy 2004

Our SSX Honda blackbird was ready to reset the
national record of 7.42 E.T. In testing one week before Indy we had gone 7.43
and 7.39 (3 hundredths quicker than the national record which we already own).
Indy is known to have excellent traction so we were excited about resetting
the record for extra points and winning the race.

We rented the track on Thursday for testing and
found that the bike would not do anything the same as it had done back home.
The traction was good but the air was bad. All of our adjustments only netted
us a few 7.50 runs, which were close to the record but not what we expected.

We qualified third and ran in the 7.40’s
on Sunday. In the third round of eliminations the bike left the line lazy but
ran hard up top to break the MPH record at 197.90. Unfortunately because of
the lazy leave we got beat and were not able to make another run to make the
required 2nd run within 1% of the new record to gain the points.

We left Indy with less than we expected but still
in a close 4-way battle for the national championship. We found a cracked header
to be the cause of our lackluster performance. We fixed the header and promptly
went 5 hundredths under our 7.42 record in testing and there is still more performance
to be gained. Our next race is in Memphis on Oct. 2-3.

The Honda Homecoming never had a dull moment
with the crowd that was in our pit area to sit on our bikes and test their reaction
times on our full size NHRA Christmas tree. For three days the Grand Prize winners
received a collectable watch with a Honda speedometer as the face. The runners
up received Honda apparel. A good time was had by all. It was great to not have
the pressure of a National race have while answering all the questions people
asked. Whatever questions I could not answer (mostly pricing) I gave them your
sticker and wrote your business number on it. This has left me with almost no
stickers. Please send me an assortment ASAP.

Sincerely in Speed
Kent Stotz

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