Team STARTA Racing getting ready for Sweden Internationals

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Team STARTA Racing getting ready for Sweden Internationals 13th – 16th of June

Less than four weeks after our testing at Tierp Arena in Sweden at the EDRS Nationals and we are ready for our first and only FIM Europe race of the year the Sweden Internationals event at Tierp Arena 13th-16th of June this coming weekend. This race will be the official start of our 20th anniversary with our Top Fuel Bike that first participated on an official race back in 1993 at Orsa Airport in Sweden.

Four weeks ago at Tierp Arena we made some major progress towards resetting of our own European records running a best of 3.7472 sec. / 195 mph on the 1/8 mile and also a new personal best at the 60 feet mark at 0.97 sec and on the 330 feet mark at 2.51 sec/157 mph clicking off the throttle at about 550 feet. The performance level at this run was by far the best ever for us and it was achieved with the new HPS 2.1 that we added for this season supplied buy HPS Superchargers in Sweden. Let’s hope that we can keep this performance level throughout the whole season and use all the torque/power that our engine produces at the moment to establish new records when the circumstances are perfect during 2013.

Soren Peter Svensson Strata

The times above speak for them selves and show what a remarkable dragracing track the Tierp Arena in Sweden is and what a fantastic work Kjell Pettersson and his track preparation crew made for not only this event, but for every dragracing event at Tierp Arena. One thing is sure and that is that records will be falling in many classes if we can get close to the same circumstances on the upcoming Sweden Internationals event this coming weekend.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome our new associate sponsors PR Husbilar, HPS Supechargers, Goproactiv, Temec and Swecomposite welcome to our Top Fuel Bike team for 2013 and hope for a long lasting relationship, where we will put all possible efforts to help marketing your and all the rest of our sponsor company names in all different media that covers Top Fuel Bike racing in Europe and the rest of the world.

We also have a new “STARTA look” on our Top Fuel Bike with a new lower fairing on the bike as you can see on the enclosed photo that hopefully will help us in our goal towards running quicker/faster.

Please join us on our race tour this year at the following race event:
FIM Europe Sweden Internationals Tierp Arena, Sweden ………………………………..June 13-16
FIA Scandinavian Internationals Tierp Arena, Sweden ……………………………………August 23-26
Art Malone Memorial Southern Nostalgia & Muscle Car Shootout Bradenton, USA……November 2-3*
Manufacturers World Cup Bradenton, USA …………………………………………………November 8-10*
* Depending on available funds

A big THANK YOU to all that makes this possible:
• STARTA Produkter, supplied by Sollebrunns Oljeservice
• PR Husbilar, one of the largest companies in the western region of Sweden selling RV’s
• HPS Supechargers, No 1 when it comes to superchargers
• Samek Tool AB, who makes some of the best moulding tools in the automotive industry in Sweden
• Real Form, product development within mechanical design
• Goproactive, supplier of pc and network solutions, outsourcing, online services
communication systems, security and more
• Swecomposite, No 1 when it comes to bodyworks for dragracing purpose and many other areas using the same technique
• Temec, one of Sweden’s leading companies that sells hot runner systems and much more for moulding tools
• Pippi, No 1 when it comes to marketing
• All our fans and family members that are supporting us towards new achievements every year!!

For more information about our previous achievements and updates please visit (in English).

Best Regards from Peter and Sören Svensson, Team STARTA Racing Top Fuel Bike

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