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The Starting Line : If I have a ‘bye’ run and red light, do I lose?

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If I have a ‘bye’ run and red light, do I lose? Should I use a bye run to make a pass, or just “break the beam”?


Ben Knight


No, regardless of whether you have a “competition” bye or a “broke” bye you cannot “lose” on that pass unless you cross the center line (results in a DQ).  So you do not have to worry about red lighting in this case.  I have a simple method on determine whether or not I take a bye run or just break the beams.  If I feel like making the pass will tell me information that will help me win the next round (maybe I haven’t made an all out pass in the last few rounds) I’ll take it.  If I feel like my bike needs to cool down (if I’ve been hot lapping it) and I know pretty much what the bike will run I’ll just break the beam.



Janie Palm

No, if you are on a single run whether its from a designated bye or a competition bye you will not lose due to a red light or lose b/c of a break out.  Bye runs are always what you want as they are an automatic win to move on to the next round.  If you are not confident in what you and your motorcycle are running then take that free pass as an extra test pass.  If your motorcycle is hot from making several passes and you are confident in what you can run then just break the beams and back out, save your motorcycle for the next round.



Dustin Lee


If you go red on a bye you will not lose. I always take my bye passes to keep myself and the bike in a rhythm,  but everyone is different..Especially Ben Knight,  he never needs a bye,  he breaks the beams and waits for his next victim!





Jerry Turner


No.  A redlight does not eliminate you during a solo bye run.  Whether you make a pass or just break the beam depends on how comfortable you are with your dial-in and how late it’s getting in the eliminations.  Sometimes breaking the beam is a good idea to keep your bike and clutch cool.  Especially if you’re down to just a few bikes and the track is hot lapping the racers.  Or if you’re running multiple classes.   In most organizations, you only have to break the beam with the bike running.  Make sure your battery is charged




Brad Gott


No, you don’t lose. You can push the tree as hard as you like. As for should you make your pass,  that depends. If I’m deep in eliminations and have been running my number all day , I may break the beams if my bike is hot and we are running round robin. Other than that,  that the pass, never have enough seat time.




We’ll see you in two weeks for another edition of the Starting Line.

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