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The Starting Line : Volume 1 – Issue 1

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The Starting Line is a biweekly column for our Sportsman drag racers. Every other week we will feature a frequently asked question and have it answered by a panel of experienced sportsman racers, led by Ben Knight. Having questions answered by multiple racers will give our new racers several perspectives on the information they want. If you have a sportsman related question, submit it to editor@dragbike.com.

What is the best advice for someone going down the track for the very first time?

Ben Knight
Don’t worry about what ANYONE thinks. You don’t need to be worrying about looking cool, doing well, or impressing anyone. Just focus on the task at hand and the knowledge/tips you have gathered from your fellow racers, friends, etc. Also, don’t do anything out of your comfort zone. If you’re going down the track and you start to feel uncomfortable as you get up to speed, roll out of the throttle. The more passes you make the more comfortable you’ll feel, so there’s no need to ride outside of your ability. Also, don’t worry about “cutting a light” until you have mastered launching and making clean passes. Your ET is not affected by the light you cut, so just leave when you are ready (once the green has come on of course).

Janie Palm

Don’t get intimidated by the ones who have been racing for years, take it all in and ask questions, ask for help, get to know the veterans. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Dustin Lee

Safety equipment and safety is #1, make sure your bike has been inspected by a track official to make sure you have all the safety equipment that you need to race! Full leathers, helmet, boots, and good gloves are a great start. Also a tether kill on your bike is usually mandatory from most tracks, I use PMR components tether kills!

My opinion on your very first pass down the track depends on a couple things… rider experience and how familiar you are with the bike you are riding.

For a non experienced rider the race track is a great place to learn if handled the right way. I would get familiar with the bike and the controls and do some riding around in the pits before hitting the track. Once you are ready I would make my first pass as what racers call a shake down. Expect this to be a pass to get familiar with the bike and also the track and shut down area.

First pass on a track ever. The main thing is do not try and ride above your head . This is meaning you don’t have to break a record your first pass ever because if your not careful you could break your bike or yourself. Let’s try and not do either of those… launch soft as if you were leaving a stop light and accelerate as much as you are comfortable with, keeping the bike in the groove throughout the pass. When you cross the finish line look and locate where the turn off is and start slowing down… take your turn off and head to get your ticket and see what kind of personal record you will be determined to beat! Good luck and be safe!

Jerry Turner

The first time on a drag strip is scary. Even if you’ve been riding a bike for a long time. Find a racer at the track with a similar bike and let them know it’s your first time down the track. One of the great things about our sport is that most racers want to help other racers, especially new racers. They will help you with tire pressures, launch rpm’s, body position and other things that can really help you get started. Then start asking others as well. What works for one person may not be the best thing for you. Another thing about our sport is that you can ask the same question to 5 racers and get at least 5 different answers. So be willing to try different techniques but keep mental notes about what works and doesn’t work for you. You won’t know what’s best for you until you have a long list of the things that didn’t work.

We’ll see you in two weeks for another addition of the Starting Line.

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