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The Starting Line : What is a break out and how can I use it to my advantage?

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What is a break out and how can I use it to my advantage?


Ben Knight

A break out is what happens when you are bracket/index racing and a racer runs faster than the dial-in/index.  Unless their opponent went faster or red lighted then they will have lost that race.  If you can force your opponent to break out worse than you then you can add another weapon to your arsenal.  This is generally accomplished by using nitrous or having a bike that is actually capable of running faster then your dial-in/index.  It can be a complicated tactic to employ, but at the same time it can be a great weapon in the right circumstance.  If you ever want to know more about how to use this to your advantage track me down at a race and I can explain it a whole lot easier in person.



Janie Palm

Break out means you ran faster than your dial-in.  When I bracket race I dial slightly faster or right at what I know I can make my motorcycle run, in an attempt to eliminate the break out from my run.  This allows me to not have to worry about playing the finish line, I can run full throttle through my whole pass.  Some people are very good at holding a few (dialing slower than they know they can make their motorcycle run) and playing the finish line.  I am not good at that so normally I just try to dial what I know I can run.  I think if you are good at playing the finish line you can force your opponent to break out more often.  If you can cut really good lights and get that advantage on your opponent you can back into them or you can force them to try to catch up which normally ends in your opponent breaking out.



Dustin Lee


A break out is when you run faster than your dial or index… it can be used to beat your opponent, or you can “push” your opponent to break out. But keep in mind,  it’s who breaks out the least amount who wins!






Jerry Turner

Break out means the bike ran faster than the dial-in or faster than the index.  You do not want to break out.  At least you don’t want to break out more than the other bike.  There are times that I have rolled out of the gas instead of trying to take the stripe because I thought my reaction was as good or better than the other bike and I thought we were both going to break out, so I let them take the stripe and hoped that they broke out and I didn’t.  Sometimes it works…




Brad Gott

A break out is going too quick on your specified dial. For instance,  you put a 8.88 on your dial or you are running an index class requiring you to run a certain dial, such as 8.88 for Crazy 8’s, and you run an 8.879, you just broke out. I see no advantage to break out during eliminations at all. Maybe if you have a bye, and you haven’t had to be hard on your dial for a few rounds you might push it pretty hard , but not an advantage,  just another way to get put on the trailer.



We’ll see you in two weeks for another edition of the Starting Line.

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