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TLN Motorsports end of 2016 season report

TLN Motorsports end of 2016 season report

2016 was the most impressive season in the history of Oxford, NC based TLN Motorsports. 204 Land Speed Racing records set including 5 World’s Fastest Speeds and multi-class winner of the Brock’s Performance Street Bike Shootout. The fastest speeds of the year on the N/A EX-250R were 115.927 mph in the standing mil and 116.458 mph in the standing 1.5 mile. The ZX-6R’s fastest speeds of the year were 190.947 mph in the standing mile and 195.636 mph in the standing 1.5 mile. Rider Greg Neal solidified his lead as the all-time Land Speed Record holder by a single motorcycle rider and team owner Tracy Neal continues to edge closer to the top as Team Owner. Every goal set by the team was greatly exceeded and when those goals were set rider Greg Neal said “We are reaching for the sky in 2016. Our past success has us believing that we can do what most consider impossible, and we know our goals are a stretch, but without the challenge there can be no real success”. TLN Motorsports once again proved they are a force in Land Speed Racing by making Land Speed Racing history.


The season kicked of with the Spring Event sanctioned by the Loring Timing Association at Limestone, Maine. It was TLN Motorsports first visit to Loring so early in the year. The first order of business was to set record #311 in Loring on 311 N. Bill Warner Blvd to honor the memory of a friend and Land Speed Racing legend. Bill Warner was bigger than life, and such an inspiration and friend to the Land Speed Racing community. TLN Motorsports was 9 records away from record 311. It was so fitting the record 311 was set on the Hass-Serafini Compound Turbo Suzuki at a speed of 200.310 mph. Greg Neal said “The emotions leading up to setting record 311 were huge. I ad only sat on that bike in the past, never ridden it at all. Knowing Don Hass and Stephen Serafini trusted me to take that bike down the race course to set record 311 was very humbling. Being able to honor Bill Warner in this way was the greatest day of my racing career period, and I have been racing for over 45 years, not to mention the French fries celebration we had”.



Record 311 was just the beginning for TLN Motorsports during the Spring Event. The total records set fat the event was 62 with fastest speeds on the EX-250R of 112.158 mph in the standing mile and 112.417 mph in the standing 1.5 mile. The ZX-6R was in World Record form with a Standing Mile speed of 188.645 mph and a standing 1.5 mile speed of 192.690 mph. The team’s new record total was 362. The 2016 season opened with unimaginable success.

The next event was back in Maine at the Loring Timing Association’s Maine Event. The original goal was to try and reach record #400 during the event, but the unexpected death of a friend and fellow racer has TLN Motorsports once again honoring their memory.


Phillip Campbell was a good friend to everyone. If you had the pleasure of meeting him, you had a friend. He loved Maine and Loring, and it was only fitting that his ashes be scattered there at the track. Greg Neal Said “We were able to secure Phillip’s number (9444) and will run it on our ZX-6R for the remainder of the season. I was honored to have been asked to spread my friend’s ashes there and to do it on his old turbo Busa was so emotional. The riders and track officials lined up on each side of the starting area for a final salute to a good friend. It’s something I will never forget”.



The event was another incredible success for TLN Motorsports and both the EX-250R and the ZX-6R were flying. 90 records were set and 4 were World’s Fastest Speeds. The 250 topped out at 115.927 mph on the mile and 116.458 mph at 1.5 miles. The ZX-6R was faster than ever with a 1 mile speed of 190.947 mph and a 1.5 mile speed of 195.636 mph. This was beyond anyone on the team’s wildest dreams. The dominance of Greg Neal, Tracy Neal and TLN Motorsports was there for all to see. Greg Neal said “I really had no words to describe what we had accomplished. We all worked really hard the entire event and it all paid off with huge speeds and a record total beyond belief. Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports had now set 453 Land Speed racing records.


Labor Day weekend found TLN Motorsports back in Maine for the Loring Timing Association’s Harvest Event. The new goal to get to 500 records set. Conditions for the event were simply not favorable with a big headwind most of the event. TLN Motorsports countered by running without fairing (naked) and continued to set records. The event was a struggle with numerous gearing changes to cope with the winds. It wasn’t easy, but records were being set. Early in the day Sunday records 500 and 501 were set. Rider Greg Neal explained “We had never imagined anything like this success when we started Land Speed Racing in 2008. What it has taken to get to this point is something very few people will ever understand. The work, the planning, the dedication to getting it done is second to no one at TLN Motorsports. We set goals and go after them with a relentless pursuit. Record 500, to include 16 World’s Fastest Speeds speaks for itself”. The event ended early with the unfortunate crash of Brenda Sue Carver who is still recovering from the incident and continues to be in all of our thoughts and prayers. TLN Motorsports now held 504 Land Speed Racing Records.



The final event of the season was the ECTA Ohio Mile in Wilmington, Ohio, featuring the Brock’s Performance Street Bike Challenge. It would also turn out to be the last ECTA event in Ohio. Greg Neal said “This event wasn’t about a record chase. We went there with one goal in mind, win our class in the Brock’s Performance Shootout”. It was a typically windy Ohio September event. Speeds were down across the boards and the N/A machines suffered greatly from heavy air, along with the stiff headwinds. The event started with rain and when that rain returned on Sunday to put an end to the ECTA at Wilmington, Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports were multi-class champions by winning the N/A 650cc and N/A 750cc classes. The speeds were down, a good 10 mph off as the 650cc class winning speed was 180.868 mph and the 750cc class speed was 180.074 mph. While it wasn’t the speeds TLN Motorsports pride themselves on running, it was a double class victory and a fitting end to an amazing, historic season. Greg Neal, Tracy Neal and TLN Motorsports had done the unthinkable.



TLN Motorsports numbers stand as follows:

  • 504 Land Speed Records (Greg Neal)
  • 509 Land Speed Records (Total Team)
  • 16 World’s Fastest Speeds
  • 4 – 200MPH Clubs
  • 12 time Bike Shootout Class Winner


That kind of success never comes easy. We have to thank so many for the support that makes it possible. Thank You  Brock Davidson, and everyone at Brock’s Performance; Kevin Hunt and Michael Godin at KWS Motorsports; CP Pistons/Carrillo; Web Camshafts; Marine Crankshaft; Stephen Serafini and Fab U This; Val Dick and Energycoil; Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings; Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance Parts; Justin Woolich, Sharon Woolich and Woolich Racing, Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products; Chris Brewer, Tyler Brewer and everyone at Brewer Cycles; Ralphie Navarro and Platinum General Services; Petron Plus; Shane Burton and Warp 12 Racing; Marck the Mechanic, David Whealon and DW Photos; Joe Timney and Donna Timney and Delaware Chassis Works; Millennium Technologies; Blackstone Tek Wheels; Rider’s Discount, Vortex Racing; VP racing Fuels; Alisyn Lubricants; MagicBullet fuel treatment; Ohlins; Raptor Performance; Orient Express, MPS; Pete Freeman and Capture 27 Photography, Brandi Neithamer and Dragbike.com.




What will 2017 bring for Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports? Can there be a 200mph N/A stock body 600? Will there be more records set? The possibilities are endless, but it will take a big sponsor to step up for it to happen. We know what needs to be done, and are fully capable of doing it. To become a part of our efforts, email me at landspeede9539@yahoo.com

We truly believe you will be happy you did. We are never happy unless our sponsors are happy.

Rider Greg Neal said “With 2016 over, and with the huge amount of success we had, we have to focus on one goal for 2017. Sometimes you go as far as you can without someone stepping in to help you. I learned that from Bill Warner. I am by far the all-time record setter by a single motorcycle rider with 504. 16 World’s Fastest Speeds is something I never dreamed of. Our ZX-6R is the only N/A 650cc class motorcycle to run 190+ mph in a standing mile and 195+ in a standing 1.5 mile. Our EX-250R is doing what no other N/A 250 twin in the world is doing. Our feet are firmly planted at the top. We as a team want more, I want more. A 200 mph stock body N/A 650 is possible, but without that help, we have pushed the envelope about as far as we can. We have left a huge mark on standing start Land Speed Racing. I firmly believe there is more to come. With some help, 2017 will be even more historic”.


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