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TLN Motorsports : Even Faster in 2017

TLN Motorsports will be even faster in 2017 thanks to H&H Racing

As the off season build and preparations for 2017 continues, TLN Motorsports is confident that the team will be even faster in the New Year. That is a huge statement considering TLN Motorsports has set 504 Land Speed Racing Records; including 16 World’s fastest Speeds. Rider Greg Neal said “We have already found a few things that will give us a little horsepower. When you add those small gains together they become a big gain. This is the first time the overall package is being looked at from only the Land Speed perspective and that is huge”.

The engines are out, disassembled and needless to say there are issues. The ZX-6R was a workhorse in 2016 and the amount of passes on that engine is enormous. The ZX-10R hasn’t turned over in more than 2 years and it hasn’t been opened up since it went through a huge crash. With all of that in mind, the issues that were found are relatively minor. It’s a very positive start to the build. Greg Neal said “The experience of Eric Higgins allows us to take all of the gains we have made, all of the ways we have found to make power and speed, and have them seen through a different mindset. Between Eric and Ransom there are already at least a half a dozen changes to be made.

H&H Racing is well known for making horsepower, but Eric’s experience is also what creates the total package. The horsepower is useless if you can’t put it to the ground. The top end is useless without the great launch. At the level of TLN Motorsports (16 World’s Fastest Speeds) it is all about the details. Gains are made .0001 of a second. There are very few that can take a package developed by someone else and make that total package stronger and faster. Eric Higgins and H&H Racing are one of those few. Expectations at TLN Motorsports are very high for 2017.

2017 will bring an updated engine package, updated set up, updates to the electrical system and updates to the aero package. These updates will surely make TLN Motorsports even faster. How fast is yet to be seen. Can the N/A ZX-6R break the standing start 200 mph mark? Can the N/A ZX-10R get to 213 mph? Can TLN Motorsports add to their 504 record set total. Greg Neal said “2017 is an unknown, like any racing season. What we do know is Eric Higgins and H&H Racing give us our best opportunity to reach our goals. We were at a point where there was no more speed for us to find unless we changed our direction. We are excited about the potential H&H Racing brings to us”.

The goals are lofty for TLN Motorsports, but without those goals there would be no reason to be out there. TLN Motorsports has always been a game changer and every class the team has entered motorcycle in have had the standard raised by them. 2017 will be no different, and with continued support from the best sponsors in the business TLN Motorsports will continue to make Land Speed Racing history with every run.

Thank you to Eric Higgins, Ransom Holbrook and H&H Racing, Brock Davidson, and everyone at Brock’s Performance; Kevin Hunt and Michael Godin at KWS Motorsports; CP Pistons/Carrillo; Web Camshafts; Marine Crankshaft; Stephen Serafini and Fab U This; Val Dick and Energycoil; Dave Conforti and Worldwide Bearings; Chip Spaulding and Ballistic Performance Parts; Justin Woolich, Sharon Woolich and Woolich Racing, Guy Caputo and Tiger Racing Products; Chris Brewer, Tyler Brewer and everyone at Brewer Cycles; Ralphie Navarro and Platinum General Services; Petron Plus; Shane Burton and Warp 12 Racing; Mark the Mechanic, David Whealon and DW Photos; Joe Timney and Donna Timney and Delaware Chassis Works; Millennium Technologies; Blackstone Tek Wheels; Rider’s Discount, Vortex Racing; VP racing Fuels; Alisyn Lubricants; MagicBullet fuel treatment; Ohlins; Raptor Performance; Orient Express, MPS; Pete Freeman and Capture 27 Photography, Brandi Neithamer and Dragbike.com.

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