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Tommy Bolton Back in the Saddle After 20 Years

Tommy Bolton Back in the Saddle After 20 Years

Tommy Bolton back racing his own bike after 20 years of building race-winning motorcycles

Legendary racer Tommy Bolton, aka “Mr. Speed” and the “King of Cali” is back on a drag bike after a 20-year hiatus. The past two decades has seen Tommy building race-winning drag bikes for riders such as Glen Nickleberry, the Smoke and Kermit Lottie, Jimmy Cook, and many others.

Tommy Bolton - Tombo Racing

Tommy spent the COVID lockdown winter of 2020-21 working with sponsors and his team to build his own turbo Hayabusa, while at the same time building two new turbo Hayabusa wheelie-bar bikes for the Lottie brothers.

Tommy Bolton - Tombo Racing

While Tommy’s new no-bar race bike is currently built for Pro Mod races, the motor is basically the same turbo Hayabusa motor he installed in the new funny bikes. “I have to de-tune the motor to get it to hook up with the pro-mod chassis. But later I can move this motor to a full funny bike if I want.”

Tommy Bolton - Tombo Racing

When asked about why Tommy is now back riding rather than just building race bikes, he says “I have been racing motorcycles all my life. I am like a motorcycle decathlete. I have raced dirt bikes, TT bikes, I was the only guy at Ascot flat track races back in the ’80’s, and often the only guy at Willow Springs back in the day.

Even though I was the first person to go 190 mph on a non-wheelie bar bike in the quarter-mile, the fourth person to go 200 mph in the quarter, and the first African American to go over 200 mph in the quarter, I have never been able to run in the 7’s on a non-wheelie bar bike.

Glen Nickleberry - Tombo Racing
Tommy Bolton motorcycle build – owned by Smoke Lottie and ridden by Glen Nickleberry.

I have built a lot of Pro Mod bikes that other people have put in the 7’s, and have built nearly a dozen wheelie-bar bikes that others have put in the 6’s, and lots of people now going over 200 mph with bikes I have built. Now I want to do two things – get into the 7’s on a no-bar bike, and get into the 6’s on a wheelie-bar bike. I am 61 years old so now is the time to finally reach for those goals myself. I am chasing the carrot again!”

Kermit Lottie - Tombo Racing
Tommy Bolton motorcycle build – owned and ridden by Kermit Lottie.

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