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UEM Champion in the Spotlight: Fredrik Fredlund

UEM European Drag Racing Championship

UEM European Drag Racing Championships Newsletter #15

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UEM Champion in the Spotlight: Fredrik Fredlund

Finland’s Fredrik Fredlund and PAF Dragracing team is setting for a new season and Speedgroups Lena Perés had a chat with Fredlund to recap the season 2012 and to look ahead towards 2013..

First of all I what to thank my team for a fantastic season, says Fredrik Fredlund who became 2012 UEM Champion in Pro Stock Bike.

The season didn’t start very well as the gearbox broke over and over at Main Event. But my team mates stayed cool as I was giving up several times. They fixed it and its just amazing how well they work together. It was a tough start of the season in other ways as well as I had to move, build a bus and the racing bike all at the same time last spring, so I was kind of busy before the season started. But now the home status is just nice. I live with my family in a house by the sea where we can see the big ferries from Stockholm to Finland passing by.

After Main Event Fredrik and team was a bit low as the bike didn’t work as expected. The computer didn’t work properly upon the grearbox problem. A new computor was invested in from Racepak, but it wasnt done in an instant to get it to took time and race opportunities to fix it.

-It wasn’t easy but we made some good runs anyway, says Fredrik. We ran in the 7.0 sec. range most of the runs and even at Hockenheim we manage to make a 7.18 sec run under difficult conditions. At the august Tierp event in Sweden we manage d to get the computer working and then we found out a lots of problems that had to be fixed. It was a bit to late to make big changes, but luckily we managed it all the way anyway! I’m very grateful to my team but also to US based tuner Gary Stoffer who helps us at any time.

Fredrik Fredlund
Fredlund was presented with a record diploma for the ET record of 7.025 sec. set at Tierp Arena in august. To the left mechanic Rasmus Olesen who also was a successful rider in the Pro Stock Bike class in 2011.

I can call Gary in the midle of the night and he gives us answers. He also came over and celebrated midsummer this year so we have become very good friends over time also.

As the last 6-7 month has been very hectic for Fredrik, he’s now taking it quite easy in the new house. Spending time with friends and family, that also is a big help in the racing as the team members all lives in Denmark.

About next season I don’ know yet, says Fredrik. UEM has now changed into FIM Europe and the championship is just going to be four events; Tierp, Finland, Germany and The Finals in England and I think thats not a full championship. It’s hard to motivate sponsors to put money in to just four events. Five event is just perfect as it was this year and also that the UEM championship follow the FIA championship events (the car classes) as it makes the events more valuable for both bikes and cars racers and sponsors to keep the championships together. I do think next season feels a bit shaky looking from the organizers view at this time.

Last and not the least I want to give a big thanks to all my sponsors and friends, finishes Fredrik.

Fredrik Fredlund
Pro Stock Bike trio at the prize giving ceremony at HockenheimRing. Kalle Lyrén left, Fredrik Fredlund (center) and Gert-Jan Laseur right

Fredrik Fredlund
Fredlund near at the Alastaro track july 2012, here racing Kalle Lyrén

Text & Photos: Lena Perés based on an interview with Fredrik Fredlund

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